Payment for resource posting.

Posted on: 2/21/2012 4:11:19 AM  Posted By: brightweather  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 25      

I posted a resource item (Nabongo Club) about a week ago and it has been posted on the site but I have not been paid for it. It is only one post but I suppose even cents should be reflected on my online kenyaplex account? How do I go about this issue?


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We will check on that. Please note that not all posts are rewarded. Editors have a criteria for choosing posts which qualify reward.
21 Feb 2012 @ 04:31

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I might as well just enjoy the site as a visitor then because there is then no contractual relationship. Thanks for that!

21 Feb 2012 @ 09:34

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Please Raphael clarify what the editors want from our contents since I have been posting articles, discussion topics and no account changes have been observed.
22 Feb 2012 @ 12:41

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Hi SimonMburu,
kenyaplex currently does not reward for discussion topics. We communicated about that long time ago.
High quality, original (not copied from any source), useful, grammatically correct resources are rewarded.
22 Feb 2012 @ 12:52

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Thanks Raphael for that clarification.
22 Feb 2012 @ 01:55

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