Egerton University Courses

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Courses offered at Egerton University

Faculty of Agriculture

Diploma in Animal Health
Diploma in Dairy Technology
Diploma in Farm and Resource Management
Diploma in Horticulture
Diploma in Animal Science and Technology
B.Sc. in Animal Science
B.Sc. in Agriculture
B.Sc. in Dairy Technology & Management
B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology
B.Sc. in Horticulture
B.Sc. in Agriculture Economics
B.Sc. of Agribusiness Management
B.Sc. in Animal Health Management
M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics
M.Sc. in Animal Breeding And Genetics
M.Sc. in Soil Science
M.Sc. in Animal Production (with Breeding and Nutrition options)
M.Sc. in Agronomy (with Protection, Breeding and Production Options)
M.Sc. in Food Science
M.Sc. in Horticulture (with Floriculture, Olericulture and Pomology options) In Livestock Production
M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology
M.Sc in Animal Nutrition
M.Sc In Animal Physiology
Ph.D. in Animal Science
Ph.D. in Crop Science
Ph.D in Food Science
Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics
Ph.D. in Horticulture
Ph.D. In Agribusiness Management

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Certificate in African Languages
Certificate in French, Japanese, Chinese
Certificate in Public Relations and Creative and Performing Arts
Bachelor of Arts (History)
Bachelor of Arts (Communications and Media)
Bachelor of Arts (Economics and History)
Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Socioloy)
Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Religion)
Bachelor of Science (Economics and Statistics)
Bachelor of Science (Library and Information Sciences)
Bachelor of Arts (Criminology).
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
M.A.English Language and Linguistics.
M.A. Kiswahili.
M.A. Religious studies.

Faculty of Commerce

Bachelor of Business and Management
Bachelor of Commerce
Master of Business Administration MBA.
Masters in Human Resource Management
Diploma In Business Administration

Faculty of Education and Community Studies

Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education & Extension in Agricultural. Education
M.Sc. in Agricultural Extension
Ph.D. in Agricultural Education
Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Bachelor of Education (Science)
Bachelor of Education (Arts)
Bachelor of Education (Primary)
M.Sc. in Science Education
M.Sc. in Curriculum & Instruction
M.Sc in Educational Management
PhD in Science Education
PhD in Curriculum & Instruction
PhD in Educational Management
B.Sc in Agriculture & Human Ecology Extension
B.Sc in Clothing Textile & Interior Design
B.Sc in Community Development
Master of Science inCommunity Studies & Extension
Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Bachelor of Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Master of Education:Educational Foundations
Master of Education:Guidance and Counselling and Science Education
Comparative and International Education
Bachelor of Science (AGED & Ext)
Bachelor of Science (CDEV)
Bachelor of Science (CTID)
Bachelor of Science (AGHE)
Ph.D Educational Psychology;
Ph.D Philosophy of Education;

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering (AGEN)
B.Sc. Water and Environmental Engineering (WEEN)
B.Sc. Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICEN)
B.Sc. Manufacturing Engineering and Technology (MENT)
Bachelor of Industrial Technology (B.I.T.)
Bachelor of Technoogy in Civil Engineering Technology (BTech.Civil)
Bridging course in Industrial Technology
Bridging course in Civil Engineering Technology
Bridging in Electrical Engineering Technology
Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Management (ESAM).
Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering (AGEN).
Master of Science in Soil and Water Engineering (SWEN)
Master of Science in Water Resources and Environmental Management (WREM)
Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Engineering (Ph.D.AGEN)

Faculty of Environment and Resources Development

Certificate in Eco-tourism and Hospitality Management
Diploma in Eco-tourism and Hospitality Management
BSc in Eco-tourism and Hospitality Management
BSc in Natural Resources Management
BSc in Wildlife Integrated Enterprise Management
MSc in Natural Resources Management
MSc in Eco-tourism and Hospitality Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resources Management
Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment
BSc in Environmental Science
MSc in Environmental Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science
Certificate in Geographical Information Systems
BSc in Geography
MSc in Geography
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography

Faculty of Health Sciences

Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
Diploma in Nursing (conversion programme)
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing(conversion programme)
Bachelor of Foods Nutrition & Dietetics
Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences
Ph.D. In Nutritional Programmes

Faculty of Science

Diploma In Modern Chemistry And Laboratory technology
Bachelor Of Science In Chemistry
Master Of Science In Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and Technology
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science
Bachelor Of Science In Applied Computer Science
Diploma In Computer Science
Bachelor Of Science In Applied Aquatic Science
Bachelor Of Science In Zoology
Bachelor Of Science In Botany
Master Of Science In Limnology
Master Of Science In Animal Physiology
Pre - M.Sc In Animal Physiology
Master Of Science In Medical Parasitology
Pre-Msc In Medical Parasitology
Master Of Science In Plant Pathology


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