Kabianga University College Courses Offered

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Main Campus

Bachelor of Science(Computer Science)
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing with Statistics
Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
Bachelor of Business Management
BSc.Human Resource Management
BSc.Agricultural Biosystems and Management
BSc.Horticultural sciences and Management
Bachelor of Education(Arts)
Bachelor of Education(Sciences)
Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Education)
Diploma in early Childhood and Primary Education(2 Academic years)
Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry and Rural Development

Town Campus

Bridging Courses in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics & Resource Management
Diploma in Agricultural Economics
Diploma in Community Development
Bachelor of Tourism Management
Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Hotel & Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Tours and Travel Management
Bachelor of Science Human Resource Management
Master of Arts (Public Administration)- Executive
Executive Master of Education in Leadership and policy in Education

Kaptatet Campus

Diploma in Information Technology
Various Cetificate courses in Computing


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