Problems facing university education in Kenya

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There are many challenges facing university education in Kenya.
They include:
1. High cost of learning material
2. Fee problem especially among poor students
3. Frequent strikes which increase expected study duration
4. Lecturers strikes

Which other problems do you think are facing university education in Kenya?


cinedine amyzene
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Challenges in universities include:
1.Inadequate lecturers and this renders difficulties in teaching adequately.
2.Lack of proper student bodies to deal with student complaints adequately.
3.Due to the large number of university there is limited and poor allocation of resources.
4.Limited research facilities such as resource materials,reference materials,reading materials and libraries.
5.In public universities,there is mis-use of public utilities and resources.
6.High entry and cut-off points which bar many students from high school fail to join the universities.
7.Low quality of education as compared to other institutions of higher learning abroad and also private universities.

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