Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) Intake

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School of Business Studies 1. Business Management (ABE)
2. Human Resource Management (ABE)
3. Public Relations and Personnel Administration (ABMA)
4. Clearing and Forwarding(ABMA)

School of Community Development and Social Work 1. Community Development and Social Work

School of Hospitality and Tourism
1. Travel, Tourism and HOspitality (ABE)

School of Secretarial Studies
1. Diploma in Secretarial Administratioj (KNEC/PITMAN)
2. Front Office/Telephone Reception (KNEC/PITMAN)

School of Health and Applied Sciences
1. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology (KNEC/PPB)
2. Diploma in Applied Biology (KNEC)
3. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (KNEC)
4. Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology (KNEC)

School of Accountancy
1. Professional Accountancy (ACCA)
2. Financial Management (ABE)
3. Accounting Technicians Certificate - ATC (KASNEB)
4. Certified Public Accountants - CPA (KASNEB)

School of Computer Studies
1. Business Information Systems (ABE)
2. Computer Science and Information Processing (ABMA)
3. Computer Systems Engineering and Hardware Maintenance (ABMA)
4. Sound Editing Packages
5. Computer Packages
6. IVQ Diploma in IT System Support (City & Guilds)
7. Diploma in Information Technology
Ronald Post Office Building, 2nd Floor,
P.O. BOX 49962-00100 Nairobi
Tel: 2248823, 2241434, 0721-107701


mary owino
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how can i apply online to your college for the january intake
02 Sep 2010 @ 05:50

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I am a young man in compuer field and i wanted to know whether i can learn computer egeneering course by coresponding online.
28 Dec 2010 @ 11:51

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Am Francis and am in computer field and i wanted you to issue me with directions on how i can learn Diploma in Computer Engineering course at Nairobi Institute of Business studies. My prefered comence date is Early Next year (2011) If posible please send me details and cost for the course.
28 Dec 2010 @ 12:04
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I would like to know more details on how i can apply to your college online.
16 Jan 2011 @ 11:23

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi I would like to resit for a paper in Module 2 (programming 11) in your college. May i kindly know the tuition fee plus exam fee just for a Single paper.Thanks
05 Apr 2011 @ 05:56

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Hey do ruiru campus offer diploma in purchases n supplies if yes how long does it take plus fee
11 Jul 2011 @ 02:10

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Is it possible for a student to enroll for module two in Diploma in Information Technology in your Institution.
09 Aug 2011 @ 09:09

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I am looking for a teaching position,iam in the final semester of my MBA,Regards.
10 Jan 2012 @ 06:21

Brosir maraka
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Is it possible for me to enroll for a certificate in informatioin technology in september?if yes please tell me the registration,tuition and examination fees.
13 Apr 2012 @ 06:43

Brosir maraka
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Can i enroll for a certificate in information tecnology in september?if yes,what is the tuition plus exams fee
13 Apr 2012 @ 06:49

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kindly i would to join your college by doing community development and social much am i to pay,just now thanks
29 May 2012 @ 02:08

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Show me your contact expecially in town, and how do you communicate course have been trying to get you but am defeated,kindly response to me thanks.
29 May 2012 @ 02:13

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All queries related to NIBS should be addressed to:

P.O. BOX 49962-00100 Nairobi
Tel: 2248823, 2241434, 0721-107701
Website: is just an educational portal and not affiliated to any educational institution.
29 May 2012 @ 02:25

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I would like to persue in related course of tourism please tell me wich one is marketable and how does it pay
25 Mar 2013 @ 02:36

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