The process of law making in kenya

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Law making goes through stages to become stage one,the bill is prepared by the Attorney General's chamber or by lawyer if it is a private member bill.At stage two the bill introduced in parliament either by the Attoney General or the releuant minister to acquant members with the bill and seek their approval.Second reading bill is discussed by MP's in the detail and amendments are suggested.A vote is taken and if the majority approves the bill it goes to the next stage.Committee stage,a committee or the whole house discussions the bill in detaij makes amendments and inco-operates those suggestions made during the second reading.Report stage,the committee reports to the house regarding the amended bill.Third reading,discussion of the bill takes place.A vote is taken and if a majority of the members supports the bill it goes to the next stage.It is then taken to the president for assent.


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this is quite relevant to the search thank you for the disperse of the knowledge
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