HELB Scholarships

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The Higher Education Loans Board awards scholarships to postgraduate students pursuing their Masters and Doctoral studies.
The award is based on academic merit.
Each university is allocated a limited number of scholarships per year based on the population of their regular students.
Scholarship forms are available from the board's website and a processing fee of ksh. 3,000 is payable on submission of the form.

For more information, contact:
Higher Education Loans Board
18th Floor, Anniversary Towers
P.O. BOX 69849-00400, Nairobi
Telephone: +254-2251877/2246590
Fax: +254-2252330
Email: helb@helb.co.ke
Website: www.helb.co.ke


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I applied for Helb scholarship in June 2010. I would like to know whether I qualified for it, and if I did then what should I do towards the same. If the process is not over yet, then when can I check?
08 Oct 2010 @ 11:02

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Hi Samuel, please contact HELB directly for all your queries on the contact details given above or visit www.helb.co.ke.
09 Oct 2010 @ 09:49

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Are these HELB scholarships similar to HELB bursaries?
04 Feb 2011 @ 07:46

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I suggest that you consider revising the age limit upwards.45 years for PhD and 35 for masters.Many disadvantaged Kenyans are now accessing education at advanced age and they end up performing equally well if not better than the youngsters. I am a case in point.I went for my undergraduate at 35 and got First Class Honors.I could not get a scholarship! Reason,past the age.I struggled through the Masters programme and scored straight A's. Now Iam 43,age limit for PhD scholarships 40!!!!!
23 Jun 2011 @ 06:31

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HELB should consider lifting age-limit restrictions, and award qualified MA/PhD students irrespective of the year of admission.They also need to clearly specify the scholarship requirements.

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge.
29 Oct 2011 @ 10:40

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Are all students allow to appeal their loan?or when in first year only? I appeal when i was starting my second year but had not received a respond.Am now about to start second semester exams but had not clear fees,please check for me my appealing form whether it has been processed because i might not be allow to do the exams.
08 Nov 2011 @ 05:57

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Kindly check for me the loan appeal form which bears id.no 26798186
08 Nov 2011 @ 03:58

Thammy Sirme
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can someone get the scholarship if one does not have anID
09 Nov 2011 @ 02:04

Mike wanjeri
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I feel that HELB is doing the right thing. Congratulations HELB!. On the other hand i would like to know whether they give academic loans to graduates who are willing to pursue post graduate studies.please reply.
09 Nov 2011 @ 02:15

Mike wanjeri
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I feel that helb is doing the right thing. Congraturations helb!. On the other hand i would like to know whether they give academic loans to graduates who are willing to pursue post graduate studies.please reply.
09 Nov 2011 @ 02:16

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Thank you for having a human heart of helping those who are unfortunately disadvantaged.Although I am going through the challenges I indicated early,GOD has good plans for me.Recapturing back,I complited my primary and secondary miracurously.I Was ever out of school because of lack of school fees,torn out uniforms,sometimes it forced me to stay hungly for two days,I mean I had nearly lost hope in life.I was ever encouraged from the Bible that GOD has good plans for His people and that He will never forshake us.Ithank GOD for bringing me this far.
Kindly help me to achieve my dream of becoming a professor THANK YOU.

Discuss the impact of the internet in kenya.

09 Nov 2011 @ 02:55

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i would like to apply for helb scolarship and i did my KCSE on 2009 why am i beeing told is closed? or am i using the wrong website?
29 Nov 2011 @ 11:11

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I completed high school 2006 and i would like to join KMTC.am I legible to apply for loan as private student? i aatained B plain
30 Nov 2011 @ 11:25

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I completed my secondary school last year(2011) and attained a total aggregate of C+.Can I get a helb loan for my higher studies?
16 Mar 2012 @ 06:43

tony eagle
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helb customer care never satisfy our queries with ease. please we go there with problems to be solved not to differ.

30 Mar 2012 @ 06:16

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Are parallel degree students elligible for the helb loan?
31 Mar 2012 @ 08:37

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19 Apr 2012 @ 06:31

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please give us the right chanel to use when aplying for msc scholarships
19 Apr 2012 @ 06:42

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i kindly request you to consider my case and offer to me a bursary to complete my education .am a total orphan and have no other source of money ID NO 28021116.I BELIEVE YOU HAVE ALL MY DETAILS SINCE I HAD APPLIED FOR A LOAN.
09 Jun 2012 @ 07:32

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