Kenya Polytechnic University College Degree Courses

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  • Bachelor of Technology (Electronic Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Power Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Instrumentation and Control Engineering)


george kirabi
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please reply me my query,when is the degree intake of electronic or telecommunications engineering at and when is one supposed to apply?
15 Sep 2010 @ 04:26

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when are you sending admission letters to students of 2009/2010 intake? What about HELB forms?
15 Sep 2010 @ 06:16

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When is the degree intake of bachelor of Technology (electrical power Engineering),and will you offer part time?
26 Sep 2010 @ 05:19

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hello,am looking forward to applying for a Diploma in technology in the following field(Power systems).I got a B- in my Kenya certificate of secondary education.The following are the grades i got in my cluster subjects:Mathematics B+,Physics B,English B-.Is it possible for the Kenya polytechnic university college to consider me during the intake for next year january?
29 Sep 2010 @ 11:50

George Mburu
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When is the intake for a degree in Telecommunication Engineering? will it be part time or full time?
29 Sep 2010 @ 05:04

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Hello,am a form four leaver of the year 2009 and i scored a c+ in my general grade.I wish to join the kenya polythechnic in january 2010 and persue a diploma in electronics engineering,but then i don't know when are the applications.May you please inform me.
04 Oct 2010 @ 01:19

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hello is the intake for the degree in music and sound technology ready if yes when should we apply
08 Oct 2010 @ 11:48

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when are 2010 intake students reporting to the university college?
12 Oct 2010 @ 01:42

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im wondering when is intake for diploma in power system pls advice
20 Oct 2010 @ 03:21

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I am a student from suba district admitted in the bachelor of technology, electrical and electronic eng..2009-2010,intake,we have waited for now 3/4 year for the letters,i plead to the concerned administrators to do us a favour for us to secure a chance of getting the HELB loan,a chance in the campus acommodation units.We only get romours about the letters and very green about the real content about the same information.Please our education best men and women we berg for your favour on the same.
21 Oct 2010 @ 05:55

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when is the geoinformatic degree starting?realy waiting for it,will it be full time or part time?
23 Oct 2010 @ 01:54

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Can HND construction (K-poly) join for civil eng degree, and for how long. When is the intake?
09 Nov 2010 @ 03:30

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Hey! I'm a Diploma in Information Technology in Module1 can you please let me know any college that will begin its operation as from next year 2011 february modula 2 classes and it must be part time classes Bye Timon Odira
09 Nov 2010 @ 06:49

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To my suprise;we were called for bachelor of technology,electrical and electronic engineering and what i see in the latest updates of kpuc degree courses in engineering, elect-elect does not feature completely, could it be for marketing purposes because in our revision for couses, it was in the form and currently what we see is a different story altogether. Kindly may we get feedback before we take a wrong decision on our carrer choice before the greatly delayed admission date 3-1-2010. we still hope for the best however much it is delayed.
10 Nov 2010 @ 12:07

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hi,i am interested in taking a diploma course in environmental management,when is the next intake and what are the minimum qualifications?
21 Jan 2011 @ 07:16

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when is intake for diploma in printing and packaging done
22 Jan 2011 @ 02:32

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Hi am a last yr student who managed to get a B- in my exams I got B in maths B- in English B- in Physics and C+ in Computer studies please can i get a chance in Aeronautical engineering please if possible just contact me on 0700342458, this was my dream and know am praying that you can help me to make it a reality may God bless you as you bless me thank you.
01 Mar 2011 @ 08:23

nick mugo
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Hello! I finished my diploma in Applied Statistics and since then the college introduced some higher diploma which was later halted. when the course was taken to department of mathematics from applied statistics, they promised to start Bsc in technology for Applied statistics. when is this likely to commence?
12 May 2011 @ 04:30

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All queries related to Kenya Polytechnic University College should be addressed to:
Kenya Polytechnic University College
Haile Selassie Avenue,
P.O. BOOX 52428, Nairobi, 00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone Number: 020-22219690, 342425
Email Address:
19 May 2011 @ 01:32

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hallo, kindly advise me on when you have intakes for degrees prefferably tecommunications. have a diploma in the same from mombasa polytechnic and would wish to know if there is an excemption when i partake the same for a degree. regards , alex
31 May 2011 @ 08:03

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Hi, i have a diploma in electronics engineering and want to advance in telecommunications engineering, degree or Higher diploma on parttime bases, please advise
12 Oct 2011 @ 05:28

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When is Kenya Polytechnic University JAB 2010 KCSE group reporting
16 Oct 2011 @ 07:06

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Hi,i have a diploma in applied statistics but wish to advance into a degree in the same field,now my question is:when will this degree start commencing & how long will it take to persue that course if i had a CREDIT IN MY DIPLOMA.THANS IN ADVANCE
28 Oct 2011 @ 03:18

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When is the next intake of diploma in maths?Thanks in advance.
26 Nov 2011 @ 05:57

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When is degree programme for analytical chem commencing.
06 Jan 2012 @ 06:39

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Do you offer degree in environmental studies/science
02 Feb 2012 @ 02:49

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one of the best universities (K.P.U.C) in BTech Engineering
19 Feb 2012 @ 06:41

Amos Nzioka
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hello.ihave a diploma in applied biology with a credit.when are you posting the intake dates for Bachelor of technology,biotechnology?
17 May 2012 @ 05:25

Amos Nzioka
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when is the degree for bachelor of technology biotechnology beginning?
17 May 2012 @ 05:26

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I did my k.c.s.e last year,my dream was to take a degree course at kenya polytechnic university college that is Bachelor of Technology (Building Construction) my results are as follows;maths-A,Eng-c+,kiswahili-B,physics-B,chemistry-B,biology-B+,Building construction-B-,History and government-B-.will i qualify to joint your university? Please contact me via this number[0719424191].
18 May 2012 @ 03:24

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I did my k.c.s.e year 2011 and got a B of 62 points with..
and would like to join the university for september intake 2012 for Bachelors degree in electrical engineering though my cluster points don't meet the requirements.If i qualify a diploma its o.k or bridging chemistry to meet the requirements for bachelors degree
(kenneth ngure kariithi)
CONTACTS:254710956384 E-MAIL(
23 May 2012 @ 01:20

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I am an old student of Kenya Polytechnic. I graduated with Diploma in Secretarial Duties in 1975. The course under reference Number Cf Sec A3/75was Advanced Secretarial. College Number 75/1504 name Sarah Okoth - fulltime student. When I graduated, we were given a Note saying: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. We were informed that the Certificates will be posted to us. I was working with the Kenya Government and was sponsored by them. The head of the Department was Dr. S.O. Odede - Head of Department of Business Studies. I need my certificate now that I am in another country; my email is; Sarah Okoth: email Please reply to me and let me know if Icould get my certificate. Ineed it to be able to enrol for a degree. Thanks and best regards. Sarah Okoth

25 Jul 2012 @ 02:44

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When are you commencing a degree course in Food technology?
16 Aug 2012 @ 12:08

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what are the units offered in a degree in statistics and programming. jeff
17 Dec 2012 @ 03:19

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