IEBC polling clerk jobs

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I feel so degrading for the amount they have quoted as pay for polling clerks by IEBC. 1k for seven days, this task is not easy hence they ought to have done more research before coming to such a decision...


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The job is indeed tedious and the rate is low if you compare the work involved. they are paying 1K a day with no allowances or benefits. but we must also consider that the IEBC is working on a tight budget and so it has to cut down on costs so that it can afford to carry out the elections.
25 Nov 2012 @ 12:44

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A thousand a day is not that bad. However, what is discouraging is the level of risk associated with that particular job. The employee's risk is at stake and indeed the amount is not commensurate with that particular risk.
25 Nov 2012 @ 01:11

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Take it or leave it. 7,000 is someone's pay for 2 months.
Besides, if you don't wanna do it... Call it of.
25 Nov 2012 @ 11:48

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hihihi, razen it is indee sad that that's someone's pay for two months, my God I quit...
26 Nov 2012 @ 08:14

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We must sometimes consider the nation income and how they spend. 1k is nothing but it counts alot to many people
25 Feb 2013 @ 08:32

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