The most rewarding job in Kenya

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Which is the most rewarding job in Kenya in your own opinion?
Base your answers on the pay as well as job security?


julie adul
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I do not think there is a specific most rewarding job in
kenya because it depends with an individual! Self employment might be the most rewarding because you do not answer to anybody and at the same time you can get what you consider rewarding! As for me self satisfaction is what matters and not the pay! Will you be happy with a job that offers you a good pay, no leaves or offs and you work eight hours and six days a week? I think you should consider all the factors before concluding on this matter! All the best!
16 May 2013 @ 05:31

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You should not just consider pay and security.Money is not everything and sometimes it's good to take some risks and follow your dreams,that's how you prosper.Basing on money,social work,media jobs,tourism jobs have cash and based on security,self employment is think is the most secure.
09 Jul 2013 @ 03:32

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I will have to agree with both parties, self employment is secure, but only if it has taken off and you are satisfied with it.
For the best job in Kenya, that is relative. It depends on the person. To some others what they are doing is rewarding to others it is not. So it just varies.
10 Jul 2013 @ 02:39

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The only best rewarding job is when you are self employed and doing what you like professionally.

10 Jul 2013 @ 03:42

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