East Africa Utalii College Institute Intake for Diploma and Certificate Courses

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Language Courses

- Spanish/French/English/Italian/German - 1 year

- Japanese/Arabic/Chinese - 1.5 years
- Kiswahili - 1 year

Tourism Courses
- Cabin Crew/Air Hostess - 15 months
- Professional Tour Guiding - 15 months
- Tours and Travel - 9 months

Hospitality Courses
- Hotel and Institutional Management - 2 years
- Front Office Operations and Administration
- Housekeeping and Accomondation
- Food Production - 2 years
- Food and Beverage Sales and Service - 15 months
- Pastry and Bakery - 3 months

Computer Courses
- ICDL, Web Design, Graphic Design, Computerised Secretarial, Computerised Accounting, Galileo


Afya Centre, 9th Floor
P.O. BOX 67631-00200, Nairobi
Telephone: 020 2225343
Email: utaliiinstitute@gmail.com


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I would like to do Tourism courses next year
03 Sep 2010 @ 03:59

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please advice
03 Sep 2010 @ 04:00

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what is need if I want to register?
03 Sep 2010 @ 04:02

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what are your charges
03 Sep 2010 @ 04:03

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03 Sep 2010 @ 04:03

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Kindly contact the college directly on: Email: utaliiinstitute@gmail.com
Telephone: 020-2225343, Cellphone: 0723 905 283

September/October intake in progress for the following courses:
1. Hotel Management
2. Front Office
3. House Keeping and Laundry
4. Pastry and Bakery
5. Food Production/Catering
6. Food and Beverage (Sales and Services)

1. Travel agency techniques (tours and travel): foundation, consultancy, management, senior management)
2. Cabin crew
1. English
2. Arabic
3. Swahili
4. French
5. Italian
6. Japanese
7. Chinese
8. Spanish

Information Technology
1. ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)
2. Computer Packages
3. Graphic Design
4. Web Design
04 Sep 2010 @ 01:19

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I was a student in kilgoris high school ,i set for my exam last year
15 Oct 2010 @ 02:00

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I hope to join your college so sent to me mmore detail about the course especially the school fees thank and I hope to hear from you
15 Oct 2010 @ 02:04

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Hello,am Leah Sein and i am hoping to join your college next year,i want to study hotel management,please send me your fee quotation,and grade needed,plus i also need your advice,please.with regards Leah Sein.THANK YOU
11 Nov 2010 @ 06:20

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i would like to know more of food and beverage production and fee****penses
21 Nov 2010 @ 10:05

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i would like to know more about the college so please send me info about the college
28 Dec 2010 @ 04:04

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I'm interested in doing front office operation would u please notify me on the next intake?
10 Jan 2011 @ 07:26

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More info about pastry and bakery technics.
24 Jan 2011 @ 10:02

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Hi am Duncan Omari from Kisii town,am interested in joining your college and undertake food production course.Please send me your minimum accademic requirement plus the fee structure.Thank you in advance.
24 Feb 2011 @ 03:20

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Am Doreen Kageni from Kirinyaga and i'ld like to join Utalii college for Diploma for Travel and Tourism mgt on january.Can i apply now?
20 Sep 2011 @ 03:21

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what about Cabin Crew?any january intake for it?
20 Sep 2011 @ 03:30

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what should l consider for enrollment at utalii college

03 Oct 2011 @ 04:26

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my name is nicholas and i would like 2 enrol at utalii college for hotel management. What i would like to know is about the fee quotation and the requirement 4 the diploma course...
16 Feb 2012 @ 11:46

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what are your changes for Spanish,Germany,Italian,french
18 Apr 2012 @ 03:37

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whts ur charge

18 Apr 2012 @ 03:40

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Am Simon from Mpeketoni Lamu. I would like to do a degree course in your institute(hotel management). I attained a mean grade of B(plain) in KCSE.I am looking foward for your admission on September.
24 Apr 2012 @ 12:32

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Am Beryl Frm Siaya,,n I Wld Lyk 2 Join Utalli College Nxt Year,i Attained A Minimun Grade Of C Minus,,,i Would Lyke To Know About The Fee Quotation And,,the Intakes,,,i would also lyke to knw more about the college
21 Nov 2013 @ 11:23

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