Nairobi Aviation College Courses and Intake

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Moi University Certificate and Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Diploma in Economics
  • Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Certificate in Public Relations
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship
Note: Examinations shall be set, invigilated and marked by the university which shall award diplomas. Students scoring a credit pass and above at diploma level shall be admitted at second year of relevant degree programme

Nairobi Aviation College Courses

School of Aircraft Operations

  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (i) Air Frames & Engine Option
  • Diploma in Air Cargo Services
  • Advanced Diploma in International Cargo Rating
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Diploma in Passengers & Aircraft Handling
  • Certificate/Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration
  • Diploma in Flight Dispatch Operations
  • Aviation Security (AVESEC)
  • Computerized Air Travel and Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Airport Operations
  • Diploma in Airtravel Operations
  • Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance

School of Journalism

  • Diploma in Journalism/Mass Communication
  • Certificate in TV & Radio Production
  • Certificate in Photojournalism
  • Certificate in Video Production
  • Certificate in Radio Production
  • Higher Diploma in Journalism/Mass Communication

School of Computer Studies

  • Computer Packages
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Higher Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Information Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering and Maintenance
  • Certificate in Information Technology
  • Certificate in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Software Engineering

School of Hospitality Management

  • Certificate in Hotel and Catering Management
  • Pastry and Bakery
  • Diploma in Front Office and Administration
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
  • Diploma in Food Production
  • Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
  • Higher Diploma in Hotel Management

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Certificate in Telecommunication Engineering
  • Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

School of Tests and Languages

  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian

School of Music and Events Management

  • Deejaying Basics
  • Pro Deejaying
  • Live Video Deejaying (with machines)
  • Practice (weekends only)
  • Events Management and Organizing
  • Radio/TV Show Programming
  • Sound Technician/Lighting

School of Business Studies

  • Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Certificate/Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  • Computerized Secretarial Studies
  • Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  • Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Legal/Court Clerks
  • Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Project Planning & Management
  • Certificate/Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Certificate in Store Keeping
  • Diploma in Banking
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Accounts (KATC/CPA)
  • Computerised Clearing and Forwarding
  • Higher Diploma in Clearing and Forwarding
  • Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Transport and Aviations Logistics Management

School of Accounting

  • ATC
  • CPA/CPS 1-6
  • ICCT
  • CICT 1-6
Intake is in Progress

Contact Details

Head Office
Uchumi House 3rd to 7th floor
P.O. BOX 2018-00100, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-311414, 020-317859, 0724-536048


charles kinuthia
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
i was wondering if i had a D- in my KCSE can i do certificate in Hotel management
11 Jan 2012 @ 04:21

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
i would like to join the college to pursue ictt am already registered member of kasneb thank you in advance
30 Jan 2012 @ 01:38

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
HI. I had a D+ in K.C.S.E year 2005 and I wounld like to do a certificate course preferably in business administration.
02 Feb 2012 @ 03:19

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
I want to take Diploma in Clearing and Forwarding, so is it possible to study it through distance learnimg?
11 Mar 2012 @ 01:29

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 13
Hello, am realy intrested in undertakin pro-deejaysm in ur institution.please consider my inquiry to persue my talent.ur quick response is haighly appreciated thank u in advance.0712089978. Am from nakuru.
19 May 2012 @ 05:36

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
What are the requirements for taking diploma in business administration?
29 Jun 2012 @ 04:20

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi.Am terry class of 2011 andI got a D+. I would like to get more information about tourism and management.your response will be highly appreciated
06 Jul 2012 @ 05:03

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
i would like to pursue a Diploma in Computer Engineering and Maintenance i did may kcse in 2010

27 Jul 2012 @ 06:54

Esther njeri
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hallo,i'm Esther Njeri class of 2012 i have a certificate of k.c.s.e D plain and would like to take mail is
your response is highly appreciated.
06 Aug 2012 @ 02:17

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
im Wycliff j mukangari formar student in Nairobi aviation college, air cargo services,pliz help me on how i can finish up my course online while im abroad.
08 Aug 2012 @ 05:50

Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 210
Hi, am Meshack from Rangwe. I would like to know all the requirement including fee structure for diploma in Human Resouce Management. Please help
25 Sep 2012 @ 02:57

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 15
hi,am kinywa with an E in kcse.can i do diploma in aeronitical ingineering
27 Oct 2012 @ 11:12

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
I have secondary certificate outside Kenya and diploma of business management in Kenya and i have very good concept for accounting and i would like to do accounting so is that possible
and what is the requirement?
My contect is
thank you
your feedback is so important to me
02 Nov 2012 @ 11:00

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Abner, how much does the collage charge for computerized clearing and forwarding and what's the duration?
04 Nov 2012 @ 10:01

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
am alexander muteti i would like to apply for a diploma course in catering and hotel management what am i supposed to do.inorder to get a chance january 2013

07 Nov 2012 @ 04:02

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 10
i am Tirus i did my kcse on 2011 and i got a D(plain) and i would like to take course in tour and tourism management.please give the feedback
27 Nov 2012 @ 05:07

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
I am Benard and i sat kcse in 2006 and got a D+.I have interest in pursuing: certif/Dip in IT(2)certif/Dip. in computer science or (3)certif/Dip in journalism/mass comm.Which one do i qualify and what are the requirements and the fees structure?Can be reached through 0710141968(urgent please)
22 Dec 2012 @ 06:58

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi,am Katumwa Halunah, from Uganda,i would like to pursue,Diploma in Dangerous goods and regulations,what are the requirement i should produce to fit in that course?thanks.
05 Jan 2013 @ 08:55

Jemoh to 7
Membership Level: Gold    Total Points: 1570
Still i will look for somebody interested,aviation is a good course and calling and i'm sure many are that are called to this trade ,what is the cluster requirement for the subjects i.e k.c.s.e?
05 Jan 2013 @ 09:31

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
hi i would like to pursue my career in information technology and am willing to join the school a course diploma in IT
06 Jan 2013 @ 11:53

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi I have a secondary certificate out of kenya and I want to join you.I'm looking for word to do computer engeneering can it be possoble for me to join u u can contact me
Thanks in advance
10 Jan 2013 @ 02:32

Membership Level: Gold    Total Points: 3303
This is a very informative outline of courses offered in this institution of higher learning. I have also noticed that many members are asking questions and seeking clarifications on admissions and other related issues. I would recommend that you go through this list and find a course of your choice first. then from there, you can confirm any other issue by contacting the institution on their contact information given above or just this:

Contact Details

Head Office
Uchumi House 3rd to 7th floor
P.O. BOX 2018-00100, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-311414, 020-317859, 0724-536048
12 Jan 2013 @ 01:25

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
i done my k.c.s.e on 2011 and i got a D(Plain) and i want to persure tourism & management would i get the chance please give me the feedback
21 Jan 2013 @ 05:34

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
am intrested in purseing information science as my career,what are the qualifications?
21 Jan 2013 @ 10:53

kennedy jfk
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi, am Kennedy from Kisumu. I would like to know all the requirement including fee structure for Diploma in Passengers and Aircraft Handling and do you have online learning please help.
22 Jan 2013 @ 01:43

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 9
i had a D- in my KCSE can i do certificate coursein Electrical Enginering

20 Feb 2013 @ 06:44

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 9
I have D- can i attend Electrical Enginering certifate Course
20 Feb 2013 @ 06:48

Dominic muriithi
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Am Dominic i did my kcse these year i did it while sick and got D plan i want to pursue grapic designing help becuse my dad is mad with me ,he wants me to go back to school of which i dont want help contact me at god bless you.....
05 Mar 2013 @ 12:29

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Had a D can i do aeronautical engineering?

12 Mar 2013 @ 08:52

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 9
hi am irene ihad Dplain in my kcse exams can do a Diploma course in hotel management already ihave a Certificate
14 Mar 2013 @ 05:28

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 9
hi am kindly asking if i may be allowed to do a diploma course in Hotel Management, i had D plain in KCSE and aready i have a certicate in the bove mentioned course please assist.
14 Mar 2013 @ 05:34

nedy neds
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 10
Hi NAC,My name is Ken Mwangi and currently residing at Kinoo.I have always desired to partake a course in mass communication,which your school is offering.I sat for my KCSE exams in 2011 and cliched a B- I would like to join your college for the above mentioned course.Please update me on admission requirements and when your next intake will be.My contact is 0707 960 606/0722 407 629 or
I am looking forward to your favourable reply and consideration.Thank you in advance.
14 Mar 2013 @ 08:10

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
HI, am wilkister en wish to take a diploma in CPA can you please help me with the fees structure through
26 Mar 2013 @ 01:22

brian motanya
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 11

Hallo,i'm Brian Motanya.male. class of 2012. i have a
certificate of k.c.s.e D plain and would like to take mail is
your response is highly appreciated. my number is 0719549673
26 Mar 2013 @ 10:56

brian motanya
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 11
Hallo,i'm Brian Motanya.male. class of 2012. i
have a
certificate of k.c.s.e D plain and would like to take
business mail is
your response is highly appreciated. my number
is 0719549673
26 Mar 2013 @ 10:59

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hello, Am Paul Njoroge holding a certificate of K.C.S.E. B- (minus)and I would like to join your college for Diploma in journalism/mass and communication course. please update me on admission requirements and your next main intake will be. Am looking forward for a favourable response and consideration. Thank you
02 Apr 2013 @ 01:27

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hallo,may i know your your fees structure for the Higher Diploma in clearing and forwarding course?
04 Apr 2013 @ 04:56

Michael Gitau Kimuhu
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 9
do you offer diploma in graphic design and if so what is the mode of learning?
fees structure?
and requirement?
commencement date?
course period?

05 Apr 2013 @ 12:39

Speed Governor1
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
My name is Amin from Nairobi, i finished high school outside Kenya. I current learn diploma in human resource management, i would like to know more about requirments and fees structure and also duration for diploma in telecommunication engineering.
Thank you NAC.
09 Apr 2013 @ 02:24

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi NAC i would like to take a course in aeronautics. What are the qualifications for it and the intake?
12 Apr 2013 @ 08:18

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Am a form four school leaver,i finished high school last year.I would love to join your college.Please accept me.I attained a C- in my Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education.I would like to study Food and Beverage in Sales and Service please enroll me in your school.
13 Apr 2013 @ 03:47

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hello,am Fridah Muriithi,did my K.C.S.E last year and got a C (plain). Am interested in pursuing a course on Hospitality and Tourism Management,may i please get a chance to join Nairobi Aviation College. Please contact me on 0719222269
13 Apr 2013 @ 01:42

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Am Eric and i did my kcse back in 2011, then i would like to join you in purseuing ICT but specializing in "programming", how do i go about it please and where do i get the application letter please. You can find me via e-mail or cell-phone on, or 0701816003 respectively.
30 Apr 2013 @ 02:02

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Am Huneyfa holding a grade of D+ and i would like to jion your college for certificate in sales and marketing so i would like to know the requirement,fees and next class intake please.reply

06 May 2013 @ 03:35

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
hi am mary nungari i got a mean grade of D+ in my kindly asking for a chance to study airhostes in your institution.kindly send me your responce to ready for anything because am realy desperate for this career....
09 May 2013 @ 03:45

lyne debra
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
hello, am Lynet i would like to persue a certificate course in social development in your school and i had D in my K.C.S.E can i be offered a chance, thanks in advance.
Contacts 0729474122 or
11 May 2013 @ 10:55

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
Am Mitunda Paddington I had a score of a C- in 2011 and am interested in taking Computer networking in your school....... Please send me all the required details pertaining the course
22 May 2013 @ 05:24

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
Am Geofrey, i would like to persue a course in clearing and forwarding this year in september intake. is it possible?
23 May 2013 @ 05:20

korir patrick
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
am pato i would like to persue a course in cargo service on june would it bbbe possible my email is

02 Jun 2013 @ 07:23

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
tourism and management
19 Jun 2013 @ 08:06

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
what is lowest grade for tourism and management
19 Jun 2013 @ 08:08

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Hi,am Eunice and did my kcse in 2011,mean grade of interested in taking a Diploma in Air cargo,can l plz get de fee structure 4 dis course n how l can register at kisumu branch 4 de next intake
17 Jul 2013 @ 06:28

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
that good website
18 Jul 2013 @ 01:07

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
where do you offer the p iloting courses?
05 Aug 2013 @ 03:45

Atieno Naomi Hellen
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
Hi am Naomi,i did my KCSE examination in 2010,i got a C- in KCSE,i was wondering if i could do ACT,contact 0707373401
06 Aug 2013 @ 11:32

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
Had a D+ kcse,Can i persue cert in supplies management?,contact,
09 Aug 2013 @ 08:01

Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 228
I would like to thank you for this information. To those who are asking more quesitions, it is better if you contact the school after choosing the course you hope to take.
10 Aug 2013 @ 05:06

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
Am Sunyling muthoka and i got D in my K.C.S.E in 2011, I would like to do diploma in Tourusm Management.Is it possible , contact 0717143310

13 Aug 2013 @ 07:36

muyaka charles
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
fee structure for aircracraft
operation cources
15 Aug 2013 @ 05:39

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
I am Mwanaidi Abdallah Mkwepo from Tanzania,i cleared my secondary education level in the year 2006 with a grade of D+ and i want to join your collage.So when is the september intake starting their studies and how can i get your school prospectus for the courses and the fee structure also for the hostel.Please contact me at in advance.
25 Aug 2013 @ 12:02

Sammy obwora
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Hi!am obwora,i sat for my k.c.s.e certificate in 2006 and have a D+ grade,i would like to take a certificate in computerised clearing and forwading,please send me the qualifications for the course through this email; Or phone. no.0726538739.thank you in advance.
26 Aug 2013 @ 12:00

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
Address to NAC,
As a foreign student who am i to address my sponsorship letter to ? Please kindly hit me on .. i will be awaiting your urgent response
26 Aug 2013 @ 12:20

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hallow am mwanaidi and i previosly asked u to send me the school prospectus and if the hostels are available but i posted u the wrong email,so pliz send me in
27 Aug 2013 @ 01:09

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
my name is Mainga from kisii,i had a c plain of 2012.i was asking if i qualify for Diploma in Passenger and aircraft number is 0720945641 please send me a message to notify.

28 Aug 2013 @ 07:58

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4 moses and attained C+ in KCSE 2010.Am intrested in pursuing computer engrng&maintainace and also ICT which one is best for me to take in your instituon.please sent me the fee structure via
31 Aug 2013 @ 11:56

nelson isia
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
hey i joined Nairobi aviation college eldoret campus under aeronautical engineering. are there studies under the same course well taught. please e- mail me the responses at you

03 Sep 2013 @ 01:28

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
wanted to confirm whether one can complete a diploma course within 3month under partime,thus evening classes
09 Sep 2013 @ 02:40

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 28
May The members contact the institution using the details provided and ask all questions
09 Sep 2013 @ 04:36

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