Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education Course Outline

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Diploma in ECDE Course Structure

Course Units

First Year

  • Philosophical. sociological and historical foundations of ECDE
  • Child growth and development  I -conception-3 years
  • General methods of teaching young children and material development
  • Child growth and development II - 3 - 8 years
  • Curriculum development
  • Language activities
  • Mathematics activities
  • Science activities
  • Research monitoring and evaluation
  • Music and movement activities research project
  • Science activities
Second Year
  • Children in need of special protection research project
  • Child development III - pre-adolescence and adolescence
  • Child rights and child development
  • Physical/psychometer activities
  • General psychology
  • Social studies
  • Administration and management of EcDE programmes
  • Creative activities
  • Health, nutrition and care
  • Teaching practice
  • Research project
  • Community development
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Personality development
  • Field practicum
  • Teaching practice


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