Private Primary Schools in Muranga County

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Benedito Highway Complex School
Muranga - Maragua Highway
P.O. BOX 84, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 0722-227034, 0720-998591

Bishop John Mahiaini Junior School
Makuyu Area, Near Kenol Junction
P.O. BOX 60142, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 0722-304614
Telephone: 0722-304614

Munoru Highlands School
Githumu Shopping Centre
Thika-Kandara-Githumu Road
P.O. BOX 170, Kangare 10218
Telephone: 060-44523

Muranga Elit
Off Muranga Sagana Road
P.O. BOX 863, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 060-42415

Pioneer School
Maragua Town
P.O. BOX 555, Maragua 10205
Telephone: 060-42401, 020-3753341

Rurago Academy
Maragwa Town
P.O. BOX 217, Maragua 10205
Telephone: 060-42415

St. Francis Samar Academy
Maragua Town
P.O. BOX 333, Muranga 10205
Telephone: 060-42076, 0720-683364

St. James Cathedral Primary School
Muranga Town
P.O. BOX 121, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 060-22431

St. Joan Academy, Maragua
Maragua Township
P.O. BOX 154, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 0722-896580

St. Michaels Girls High School
Kenol, Along Nairobi-Nyeri Road
P.O. BOX 6395, Nairobi 00300
Telephone: 0721-669417

St. Peter's Academy
Muranga Town, St. Peters Church
P.O. BOX 1002, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 060-22285

St. Peter's Academy, Mautuma
Turbo Area
P.O. BOX 491, Turbo 30106
Telephone: 053-53516

St. Michaels Hill School
Njiru Area, Off Kan****do Road
P.O. BOX 445, Nairobi 00506
Telephone: 0720-736063

St. Paul's Thomas Academy
Maragua Town
P.O. BOX 555, Maragua 10205
Telephone: 060-42410, 020-3753342

Sandamiano Primary School
Near Fourteen Falls
P.O. BOX 166, Donyo Sabuk 01027
Telephone: 044-55265

Summit Primary School
Maragua Town
P.O. BOX 204, Maragua 10205
Telephone: 060-42083

The Tree Top Schools International
Muranga Road
P.O. BOX 1226, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 020-2055627, 0723-581703


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