Most Marketable Courses in Kenya

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Which are the leading courses in Kenya which are marketable?


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It is hard to say a course is more marketable than the other. What matters is how you excel in your course of interest and your efforts in marketing yourself to employers. When choosing a course, it is advisable to choose what you like since you are likely to perform optimally in your field of interest.
10 Dec 2009 @ 10:55

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i would want to do video and tv production how much is the course and the period of the course
04 May 2010 @ 02:51

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Where is shang tao School located
04 May 2010 @ 02:52

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In my opinion, Bachelor of Business Information Technology, Software Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Bachelor of Commerce are some of the most marketable courses in Kenya.
03 Aug 2011 @ 01:31

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I want to take horticulture in tha field of Agriculture .am asking if it is marketable.thanks
09 Feb 2012 @ 03:17

njeri mathenge
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what's the best marketable business course please?

01 Mar 2012 @ 03:28

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First of all i would agree with Raphael that there is no such thing as a marketable course in Kenya, it all boils down to your interests, what particular area you are good at and most important drive and passion. Many of us normally choose a particular degree programme because of the hype that goes with it or maybe persuasion from parents and others that a particular course is better than others. Fine, i do agree that some courses are of high repute than others but then again I also believe that for a degree choice one should follow what one really has enthusiasm for, something that you are willing to do whether there is payslip or not. Cheers.
02 Mar 2012 @ 04:42

Nelly M
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Dont go for courses which are marketable. Make your choice based on your interests and talent. Once thats covered make yourself more marketable by looking for intership opportunities and working for free while in college or in school dont wait to finish school to start tarmacking start now. Make use of the career guidance offices in your college to search for interships and volunteering opportunities. Entice your employers with your work experience.
02 Mar 2012 @ 05:11

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What I can say is that the more you score in a given course then the more marketable you are especially if you do what intrests you the most.
09 Mar 2012 @ 10:24

Eng jimmy
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To mrbluetooth, shang tao is located close to utalii house,opposite allaince francaise.
09 Mar 2012 @ 11:48

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Is environmental science marketable?
20 Mar 2013 @ 03:23

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Environmental science is marketable in Kenya, especially considering that a lot is required in terms of personnel to help solve the environmental menace in the country. With a course in environmental science, you can be employed to work at different regions and areas where the problem is most spread. Most NGOs are also recruiting environmentalists to help in the same.
The best way though to make it out of any course today is to get the skills and start your own initiative or job instead of waiting for someone else to employ you. For instance, you can get skills and knowledge in environmental science and then with that, you develop a new way or method of dealing with say pollution. Through the same, you may be able to start up a company which should help you rise faster.
22 Mar 2013 @ 12:25

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where can a graduate with a degree in agribusiness economics and food industry management get employed and starting salary
28 Apr 2013 @ 03:33

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Many Kenyan students seems to only go to school not to get the knowledge for
more development but to get employment, that's why most try to compare one course with the other.
29 Apr 2013 @ 10:52

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In my opinion the marketable courses are environmental courses and medicine courses.Therefore we can say that there is a very marketable course in kenya.
10 May 2013 @ 07:57

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It is true that we have the best selling courses in our Kenyan local universities and colleges but the problem is that most of the said people to have pursued them lack the practical qualification to fully convince their potential employers that they indeed can deliver the required services. It therefore follows without questioning that it depends on how qualified you are in the courses that you take in your institutions.
10 May 2013 @ 09:14

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what about computer science?

10 Jun 2013 @ 12:59

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what about computer science? help out

10 Jun 2013 @ 01:00

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In my opinion i think most Engineering courses are marketeable but only if you take the courses from the University of Nairobi and JKUAT.
10 Jun 2013 @ 01:19

chris nyanyuki
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The issue about maketability of a course should not be considered since a course might b marketable but you dont have the passion to take it and this will greatly affect you while studying.It takes one's interest and attitude in a field to bring out good results in anything.Although you might take a course and you end up being unemployed your passion in the field will make you use your knowledge to employ yourself.
10 Jun 2013 @ 07:43

PaQtz munyaka
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Marketability of a course depends on your excellence in that course. One may follow the prejudices that Actuarial Science is a marketable course but you do not have passion in it. You end up scoring low in that field hence you are no longer marketable. Just because, you followed the course`prejudices. Do what you love, excel in that field and you`ll be marketable.
12 Jun 2013 @ 02:24

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I think IT courses, Accounting Courses( especially CPA), Journalism, Teaching and Engineering Courses.
12 Jun 2013 @ 02:26

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I think Real Estate management courses are quite marketable within the country now that estate industries are developing within the country.The occupation involves management of highly expensive resources.
12 Jun 2013 @ 07:43

snovera snip
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anybody help me out with forensic science review in kenya.... urgent please

19 Jun 2013 @ 03:37

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One importance of taking good courses in our local or Universities abroad is that once you get the best knowledge and skills, you are free to get the best in the job market.
All courses are sellable and marketable. Mark my words, all courses are good. The best way to go is to acquire the necessary skills and practically put them in action. It starts from getting a hands-on skills on your area of interest and keeping the best of fight to produce good results.
With a good grade and relevant skills, you can start your own business.
20 Jun 2013 @ 07:20

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Forensic Science is very marketable in Kenya and is offered in very few institutions of in Kenya.
20 Jun 2013 @ 07:24

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Raphael has made it clear,you do a course which you are interested in,the perfomance will be automatically high hence marketable
20 Jun 2013 @ 07:45

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according to me, there's nothing like most marketable courses, it only depends on your hard work and sometimes connection. the more hard work you put in when looking for a particular job, the higher the chances for you to get it.. besides also your level of pf education, in this highly competitive country, the more degrees you acquire the higher the chances of you gating a job
20 Jun 2013 @ 08:35

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If you want to make a course marketable then do your very best at it and then be sure that there will be a flock to do the same course. But in any case I do not think that there is a marketable course in Kenya or even in the world. I suppose it goes down to how you do your course and hence your career path as well. This issue of marketable courses has come about because multinationals are always demanding a certain degree of perfection to a course and then they promise great rewards to whoever can meet their standards hence enter "marketable courses".
In any case, it goes down to what you love doing. After all, if you are doing a course mainly because you think it is marketable then you will suffer at the end of the day. Do something out of the sheer passion and the rewards will be even greater.
20 Jun 2013 @ 12:00

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A very successful person told me it dosent matter what course you take or what you do in this life but as long as you have something unique and you stand out from the rest of the people you will not only earn higly but also be happy in your life.
29 Jun 2013 @ 09:45

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Although many people will say that there is no specific course which is marketable, we should also remember that it will take long time to get job if you do certain course.For instance the course of Veterinary Medicine which will take sometime before you are employed.
29 Jun 2013 @ 09:55

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