Provincial Secondary Schools in Muranga County

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Chania Boys High School
Workshop Road
P.O. BOX 45, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-22364, 0733-226308

Chania Girls High School
Haile Selassie Road
P.O. BOX 2723, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-22806, 0723-823393

Gatanga Girls Secondary School
Thika-Gatura Road
P.O. BOX 96, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-60

Kahuhia Girls High School
Muranga-Kangeam Road
P.O. BOX 66, Kahuhia 10206
Telephone: 020-2042394, 0727-288234

Kamahuha Girls Secondary School
P.O. BOX 37, Sabasaba 10208
Telephone: 060-42261, 0723-282037

Kiria-ini Secondary School
Kiriaini Market
P.O. BOX 53, Kiriaini 10204
Telephone: 060-51011

Mirithuo Girls Secondary School
P.O. BOX 20, Nderu
Telephone: 066-71081/71410

Mumbi Girls Secondary School
P.O. BOX 115, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 060-322782

Muranga High School
P.O. BOX 101, Muranga 10200
Telephone: 0724-167580

Naaro Secondary School
P.O. BOX 784, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-44283

Ngararia Girls High School
P.O. BOX 1500, Thika 01000

Nginda Boys Secondary School
P.O. BOX 352, Muranga 10205

Nginda Girls Secondary School
P.O. BOX 10205, Maragua 10205
Telephone: 020-2055747

Njiiri's High School
Thika-Kangare Road
P.O. BOX 555, Thika 01000
Telephone: 020-2044952

Njumbi Secondary School
P.O. BOX 63, Kahuhia 10206
Telephone: 060-322055

St. Francis Girls High School
Thika-Naivasha Road
P.O. BOX 283, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-47257/47259

Thika High School
Kenyatta Avenue
P.O. BOX Private Bag, Thika 01000
Telephone: 067-21618


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