Capacity Building Courses at KIHBT

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  • Contract Management for Engineers, Architects and Quantity Surveyors - 6 weeks
  • Constructiion Technology - 4 weeks
  • Informstion Technology - 2 weeks
  • Introduction to Computers - 2 weeks
  • AutoCAD and ArchCAD for Professionals - 2 weeks
  • Induction Courses for Road Overseers and Foremen - 6 weeks
  • Labour Based Methods of Road Construction and Maintenance - 4 weeks
  • Plant Operator Courses for Graders, Rollers, Shovels and Crawler Tractors - 2 months
  • Advanced and Refresher Driving Courses - 1 week
  • First Aid Courses - 1 week
  • Management of Civil Engineering Projects for Contractors - 4 weeks
  • Contract Management for Contractors - 6 weeks
  • Contract Management - 2 weeks
  • Road Safety - 1 week
  • Industrial Health and Safety - 1 week
  • International Engineers Course - 6 weeks

Contact Details

Kenya Insitute of Highways and Building Technology
P.O. BOX 57511-00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: 020-650291-6


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