Kabarak university School of Law Fees Structure

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What is the recent fees structure for Kabarak school of law? am asking this because am interested in joining your campus and get  a in  bachelor of law degree and more so get financial aid since am a bright  form four  leaver  who got a mean grade of C+ and B plain in English  please send me the fees structure and guide me on  how to obtain a scholarship in your campus if i qualify i can 't reach you through the telephone please send me your  mobile phone number.


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Fees for Bachelor of Law at Kabarak University is Ksh. 75,000 and entry requirements are KCSE C+ with B (plain) in English, or Diploma in Law with Credit Pass

The contact details are as follows

The Admissions Office Kabarak University Private Bag-20157, KABARAK Tel. 051-343234/5 0729-223370 Fax. 051-343012 admissions@kabarak.ac.ke
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