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How can one can find out that he/she has been chosen to Kenyatta university before the arrival of the admission letter?


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The best thing to do is to contact Kenyatta University Admissions Office.
30 Jun 2011 @ 09:26

cok cosmas
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someone help me out, how do i contact the admissions office?
04 Aug 2011 @ 03:12

Martin Baiyenia
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Kenyatta university a place to belong.
21 Jan 2012 @ 12:35

isaac maluki
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i am called isaac wambazu maluki i wanted to know if the admission letters of sep. intake have been given out in the school of human science for deatitetics and neutrition

03 Aug 2012 @ 12:28

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If i apply for may 2013 intake am i a 100% i would get the admission??
21 Mar 2013 @ 03:38

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