Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Examination

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The examination is conducted once every year in the month of November
Eligibility - School candidates are eligible to sit for KCPE after completing eight years of primary school education and are presented by a school recognized by the Ministry of Education. Private candidates may also register for the examinations if they are citizens or bona fide residents of Kenya and have a leaving certificate from a recognized primary school indicating that the candidate completed standard seven and would have been admitted to standard eight had he/she continued in the school or proof that the candidate has completed full primary school course in a recognized Adult Education or equivalent programme and has attained the level of competence required for KCPE candidates.
Subjects Offered - KCPE examination consists of five papers namely, English Language and Composition, Kiswahili Lugha and Insha, Mathematics, Science and (GHCR), Geography, History and Civics, Religious Education.


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how are you?i did the examination and i want to get my index no:is 401444001
28 Nov 2010 @ 04:30

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how are you? my sister did examination this year and i wanted to know her results.her index number no: is608008013
28 Dec 2010 @ 04:44
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How are you?my brother did examination this year and i wanted to know his results .his index no:501113003
28 Dec 2010 @ 05:23

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How are you? my sister did her KCPE exams this year and i wanted to know her results please.index numbers 703141018
29 Dec 2010 @ 03:11

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My Sister did the KCPE this year and i would like to know her results.index no.535193025.thanks
29 Dec 2011 @ 07:45

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