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Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Masters Courses Offered at Kenyatta University

Certificate Courses
1. Certificate in Film and Theatre Arts
2. Certificate in French
3. German
4. Intensive English
5. Japanese
6. Music
7. Sports Administration and Management

Diploma Courses
1. Clinical Child Neuropsychology
2. Crime Management and Prevention
3. Crop Improvement and Protection
4. Disaster Management
5. Early Childhood Care and Education
6. Film and Theatre Arts
7. Fine Art
8. Gerontology (Study of Aging)
9. Guidance and Counseling
10. Information Technology
11. Japanese Language and Culture
12. Music
13. Nutrition and Health
14. Public Relations
15. School Management
16. Sports Administration and Management
17. Teaching of the 3RS (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)

Degree Courses
1. Bachelor of Arts in:
- Counseling Psychology
- Film Technology
- Fine Art
- Gender and Development
- General
- Music
- Theatre and Film Studies
2. Bachelor of Commerce
3. Bachelor of Economics
4. Bachelor of Economics and Finance
5. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
6. Bachelor of Eucation in:
- Arts
- Early Childhood Education
- Home Economics
- Library Science
- Science
- Special Education
7. Environmental Planning and Management
8. Environmental Science
9. Environmental Studies (Community Development)
10. Environmental Science (Environmental Edcation)
11. Environmetal Studies (Resource Conservation)
12. Information Technology
13. Library and Information Science
14. Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
15. Music
16. Pharmacy (B.Pharm)
17. Bachelor of Science in:
- Agribusiness Management and Trade
- Agricultural Resource Management
- Agriculture Science and Technology
- Analytical Chemistry
- Biochemistry
- Biotechnology
- Coastal and Marine Resource Management)
- Computer Engineering
- Computer Software
- Crop Improvement and Protection
- Dry Land Agriculture and Enterprise Development
- Environmental Health
- Fashion Design and Marketing
- Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
- General
- Industrial Chemistry
- Leisure and Recreation Management
- Medical Laboratory Science
- Microbiology
- Nursing and Public Health
- Software Engineering
- Sports Science
- Telecommunication and Information Technology

Contact Details
P.O. BOX 43844, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 020-810901-10, 811278/84


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Hi,am moses and i wanted to knw if you do offes degrees in hotel and catering industry?
16 Aug 2010 @ 04:45

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Hi, My name is Patrick Omondi, I have been admitted at Jomokenyatta university of science and technology to persue a degree course in Electronic engineering. I am short of funds which can let me get through the first semester, can i get assistance from you? Thank you in advance Patrick.
18 Aug 2010 @ 05:52

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Do you offer Bachelor of Education - Educaton Communication and Technology for self sponsored students?
24 Aug 2010 @ 05:56

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i was wondering if i can be allowed to bachelor in commerce if a got an average grade of B-but failed in math.
07 Sep 2010 @ 01:16

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i was wondering if i can be allowed to bachelor in commerce if a got an average grade of B-but failed in math.
07 Sep 2010 @ 01:17

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i was wondering if i can be allowed to bachelor in commerce if a got an average grade of B-but failed in math.
07 Sep 2010 @ 01:18

susan wanjiru
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i would like to know whether you offer Degree in purchasing and supplies management. And if you offer how many years will i study?, because i have Diploma in purchasing and supplies management from kenya institute of management
09 Sep 2010 @ 02:52

charles Thiringi
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i kind wish to know whether bachelor of physical education is offered on school based progrms which takes on april, august and december and what is the criteria used to admit such student. I'm P1 teacher trained from Murang'a T.T.C in the year 2007 and attained B- in KCSE. When is the next admission and the cost eac h academic year. Thanks and i look forward to your positive response.
13 Sep 2010 @ 03:13

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I would like to know whether you offer a degree in Mass Communication/Broadcast Journalism. If you do kindly let me have the fees structure. Also inform me whether someone can study part time(Weekday) God bless you
13 Sep 2010 @ 01:09

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I Would like to know whether you offer part time degree courses in Environmental sciences or any related courses. Ab based in Nairobi and if the courses are available then focus on town campus. please advice if theres any and the fee structure.
23 Sep 2010 @ 03:21

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am Mark Collins Oduor.i would like to know if you do offer procurement courses that is purchasing and supplies management and at what levels of studies.
03 Nov 2010 @ 12:13

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Do you offe Monitoring and Evaluation course and when can i register Watiri
13 Nov 2010 @ 04:29

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can i enroll for MBA PROGRAMME?
06 Dec 2010 @ 12:21

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31 Dec 2010 @ 08:28

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03 Jan 2011 @ 11:52

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I have a Diploma in Mass communication and i wanted to enroll for a degree from your school.What are the qualifications?
11 Jan 2011 @ 06:57

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do you offer NETWORKING courses.if you do ,notify me
28 Jan 2011 @ 02:26

jacquelyne wambui
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7 i would like to appply for a degree course in Bcom i have a diploma in Buisness management what are the qualifications for part time classes? thanks
28 Jan 2011 @ 03:20

ben asira
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i wanted to do a degree in Information Technology, please give me the requirements. This should be for evening classes since am employed.
01 Feb 2011 @ 06:18

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All the queries related to Kenyatta University Courses should be directed to:
P.O. BOX 43844, Nairobi 00100 Telephone: 020-810901-10, 811278/84 Email: Website:
01 Feb 2011 @ 07:28

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09 Feb 2011 @ 10:51

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want to ask if you offer a diploma in information science, and the duration of the course.....
06 Jun 2011 @ 02:44

mwatha njoroge komu
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kindly want to know the requirement for studying certificate or diploma in Japanese language
05 Jul 2011 @ 08:44

mwatha njoroge komu
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 11 kindly send me details for studying Japanese (cert or dip)
05 Jul 2011 @ 08:46

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Hi? I have a certificate in mass communication with a pass, can i Join Diploma in journalism/Public Relations evening classes at Your institution? your immediate response will be a great relief. reply via Regards.
18 Jul 2011 @ 06:15

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Am Dorcas. I work with a micro-finance and i was wondering if you can offer that course on-line and how much will it cost per semester.
08 Aug 2011 @ 05:21

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Am patrick i work with ministry of home affairs prisons headquarters nairobi. I would like to know if you offer degree in computer engineering in nairobi town branch.
29 Aug 2011 @ 07:17

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Hey, you seemed to have forgotten B.A(PSYCHOLOGY).
29 Aug 2011 @ 07:43

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Kindly let me know when you begin offering Masters Degree program-mes in Security Management and Police studies.
04 Oct 2011 @ 03:32

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Have done diploma in clinical medicine in Tanzania and would like to do a bachelor degree in Environmental Health Science, What are the qualifications,tatal fees per year and the course outlines?
17 Nov 2011 @ 01:46

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Thank you for the post. Do you have the fine art degree course outline?
17 Nov 2011 @ 07:18

luckye 1988
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Please let me know if you are offering diploma in industrial or analytical chemistry and if you offer please send me qualifications,fees structure for the whole course,the duration and course outline.thank you,God bless you.
01 Dec 2011 @ 06:47

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I have a diploma in clinical medicine/ C+ o level. Do i qualify for Bsc. Nutrition and dietetics? Please update me on all the details; mode of learning and duration, fees and next intake. Thanx.
20 Jan 2012 @ 12:43

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I have a diploma in accounting and finance,i want to pursue the same relative course in September 2012. Please tell if available and the fee structure.
03 Feb 2012 @ 03:14

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hi. I would love to know the cluster points for information technology. and also if you offer international relations and diploma and if you do what are the cluster points. thank you.
13 Apr 2012 @ 07:40

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Thank you so mush for your courses clarification which are found in Kenyatta University but i was just want to know whether you are having masters program cause i did not see any in your description. May you let me know via my email address which is
i my self i was interested with human resources management or political science or masters in intellectual property law or environmental law. thanx so much
14 Apr 2012 @ 07:32

Francis Kiptoo
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi. At one point i was talking to one of your lecturers who had come to assess some student who was on attachment and he indicated that you considering starting a program on Msc in Quality Assurance. What is the position because am interested with the program? Thanks
24 Apr 2012 @ 09:21

jackline chachita
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is it a must for a person to have done physics in order to undertake forensic science
03 May 2012 @ 07:00

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i wish to know the modes of study available at kenyatta university to study masters in public you.

05 May 2012 @ 05:45

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi, am stanley, i have a diploma in medical laboratory science and i wanted to do the same coarse at degree level in your university. Kindly can you tell me when am i suppose to apply and the fee structure for the whole course. Thank you in advance.
08 May 2012 @ 05:57

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Hi I have a Degree in Business Management and i would like to know if u offer Masters in Business management
16 May 2012 @ 02:25

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
I am barnabas,am requesting if you offer E-learning programmes. If you do please notify me.thanks in advance.
19 May 2012 @ 11:43

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
I'am Amelda and i would like to persue diploma in education(arts) pliz inform me the fees structer for course.thanks in advance.
23 May 2012 @ 09:11

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I am Patrick Maina Mwangi,i had registered for a Bachelor of Scince in Tourism and Management on May 2012,but i received a letter informing me that i had not qualified but i could opt for another course.My question was,if i could apple for another course which is Bachelor of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Managemanet online and send the form via the internet witout having to come to the main campus.Your quick response will be highly appreciated,my phone number is 0708666995.Thanks in advance
28 May 2012 @ 07:48

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
am Cathrine
and i would like to enroll for bachelors in mass communication.what are the qualifications??thanks in advance

29 May 2012 @ 02:36

Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 721 is Kenya's leading educational website and not a college.
All questions related to Kenyatta University should be directly addressed to the University using contact details given.
29 May 2012 @ 02:57

marion kimani
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please i would like to know with a KNEC diploma in banking and finance and cpa section 2 can i be exempted when doing a bcom degree an how will will it take me complete the degree

15 Jun 2012 @ 05:35

marie ebrahimz
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
hallow. My nam is Mary and Iwas wondering if you offer courses on mass communication..and from which level
19 Jun 2012 @ 04:40

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hello, my name is davis and will wish to ask if you have a part time course in dental technology
24 Jun 2012 @ 05:24

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7

21 Aug 2012 @ 05:52

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
my name is victory,i posses a national diploma in human resource management with(credit)and want to joint degree course in bachelor of commerce is it possible please advice me.
24 Aug 2012 @ 01:21

Peter wanjohi
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Am Peter want to ask if u offer pre university course if yes how long will I take thanks in advance.
11 Sep 2012 @ 12:43

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
am a peter,i posses a human resources management with (credit)a want to join degree course in bachelor of commerce is it possible please advice.
02 Oct 2012 @ 08:35

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Am government employee and am requesting if i can register online distance learning. I posses a diploma in information technology with a credit 1 pass,and i would like to enrol for my degree in library and information science. Anytime from now.kindly advice me and give me all the details of the course. I currently resides at marsabit county. My email address is
30 Oct 2012 @ 07:52

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 15
Hi,am ken.i wana knw if u offer degree on disaster management through distance learning or e -learning please
08 Nov 2012 @ 11:03

njuguna john
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
hallo, am john and i kindly wanted to know whether you offer degree in political theology
09 Nov 2012 @ 08:13

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Do you offer masters in gender developments under project mode of ster during school holidays?
15 Nov 2012 @ 11:13

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 12
I am Peter and I want to study a Diploma in Procurement on-line. Please guide me the soonest so that I can make any necessary arrangement. Thanks-
04 Jan 2013 @ 02:27

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 12
I am an 'O' level driver and wish to pursue a Diploma in Procurement on-line. kindly guide on this the soonest so that I can make any possible arrangements. Thank you.
04 Jan 2013 @ 02:31

Wanyonyi Joel
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7 name is joel n would like ask if there is may intake.if there is,for which courses.thanks
07 Jan 2013 @ 02:58

sharom kiundu
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
hi,i wanted to inquire about the fee structure on bachelor of science in nursing
12 Jan 2013 @ 12:29

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
HI.Have a diploma in community development and i want to pursue a degree in criminal justice and prevention or agribusiness management and trade,i heard that you are about to open a campus at Arusha (Tanzania)i want to join that campus immediately if you are going to offer those course.please guide me the soonest so that i can make any necessary me
16 Jan 2013 @ 02:29

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 10
my names ahmed i need info: about my ID plaese 4 help . serial no: 224912199 result send my e-mail
22 Jan 2013 @ 08:41

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 11
Hi, i am David from i wanted to know if you offer ICT and the possible qualification for the course and if I got an average grade of C iam i going to start with diploma??

07 Feb 2013 @ 12:53

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 11
Iam a Kenyan Citizen aged 22years,i would like to know what are the requirements for the ICT course and what level do i start if score grade C+(Cplus)
07 Feb 2013 @ 01:21

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 11
hey,would you please kindly let me know the requrements for Bachelor of Economics and Statistics and if possible the fee structure
07 Feb 2013 @ 01:37

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
what grades qualify one to study international relations?
12 Mar 2013 @ 08:21

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi, would you kindly let me know the current fee structure for bachelor of commerce parallel degree. my email is
08 Apr 2013 @ 09:54

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi, would you kindly let me know the current fee structure for bachelor in environmental health and the mode of learning if possible. via e mail
01 May 2013 @ 11:34

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Am Adede Calester.I did my KCSE exam last year and managed to get a mean grade of B-.I need to go for a diploma in nursing but I totally lack school fees.Please kindly help me.To conduct me, use my or phone 0701061330

03 May 2013 @ 05:31

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
I have been trying to open KU sites on the web. they seem not to be working. I have sent e-mail looking for more admission information. Would you answer by mails please?
20 May 2013 @ 08:26

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
i did my kcse in the year 1990 and had a c plain what course can i pursue at Kenyatta university?
29 May 2013 @ 12:47

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
am adan tacho sora,i finished secondary education last year and i hav amean grade of c-,and my carrier is apolice officer,so what course can i take now?
05 Jul 2013 @ 04:12

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
my carrier is police officer which course would i take
05 Jul 2013 @ 04:14

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 69
I requesting to know which area of educaytion do i choose.I want to be a history and c.r..teacher starting with diploma level.I managed to score a B- of 58 points.Your reply in advance will help me thank you.
06 Jul 2013 @ 01:28

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
HI, name is Mohammed.. Was asking if kenyatta university offers Procurement course...
20 Jul 2013 @ 01:48

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
wish to do my bachelor of education -science, school based. can i get more information?

08 Aug 2013 @ 06:11

samson olweru
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
I want to do a Bachelors degree in Community Development and or political science on part time basis since I''m employed somewhere else,please may I know the requirements,fee structure and the minimum duration since I already have a DIPLOMA IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL WORK.Thanks
27 Sep 2013 @ 01:22

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
I need to pursue a degree in software engineering can get to know the requirements if possible
11 Oct 2013 @ 03:52

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
19 Nov 2013 @ 01:03

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
Hi am COLLINS,I beg to know if you offer business management and the requirements.thank
23 Nov 2013 @ 02:16

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Hi,am John,I would like to know whether you do offer Criminal justice and forensic investigation.I would also like to know its requirements,fee structure,minimum duration and whether I should pursue it on distance learning basis since am employed somewhere!I look forward for your positive response since i wanted to start it on January next year.reply via in advance.
16 Dec 2013 @ 04:30

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
hi can have your procurement fee structure please...pdf
17 Dec 2013 @ 10:33

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
can i get the\ procurement fee structure please
17 Dec 2013 @ 10:34

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 8
Hi, am Stephen Mwaura and am interested in undertaking a school based programme in B/ed Bst/Comp in april 2014. I hold a Diploma in Information Technology from KTTC(Kenya Technical Teachers College. Is there such a vacance and do the university offer credit transfer. please respond through my email-

19 Dec 2013 @ 01:49

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
Hi,have p1 certificate and I wanted to to study bachelor of education (arts)kindly let me know if you offer that course,mode of study and when is the next intake. you.
20 Dec 2013 @ 09:09

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
do you have higher diploma for Geology school based.
how much is the school fees?
19 Jul 2014 @ 11:18

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