Courses Offered at Kisii University Courses

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Certificate Courses
1. Information Communications Technology
2. Library, Information Studies, Records and Archives
3. Micro-Computers and Applications
4. Sales and Marketing

Diploma Courses
1. Agricultural Education and Extension
2. Banking Law and Practice
3. Business Administration
4. Computer Science
5. Criminology and Penology
6. Gender and Human Rights
7. Guidance and Counseling
8. International Relations, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
9. Labor Laws

Degree Courses
1. Agibusiness Management
2. Arts, Communication and Media
3. Business Management
4. Commerce
5. Ecotourism and Hospitality Management
6. Education, Arts
7. Education, Primary Option
8. Education, Science
9. Library and Information Science
10. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics
11. Science, Applied Computer Science
12. Science, Computer Science

Postgraduate Diploma Courses
1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Contact Details
Kisii University College
P.O. BOX 408, Kisii 40200
Telephone: 058-30826


samba sally
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would like to enroll for communication media 2011
03 Nov 2010 @ 05:58

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