University of East Africa, Baraton Courses

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School of Business

1. Department of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Management
2. Department of Management
  • Master in Business Administration in Accounting and Management with the following options:
  1. Accounting
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Office Administration
  4. Minor in Economics
3. Department of Information Systems and Computing
  • Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT)
  • Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) in networks and communication systems
  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  • Minor in:
  1. Management Information Systems
  2. Computer Science
  • Certificate Courses
  1. Word Processing
  2. Data Processing

School of Education

1. Department of Curriculum and Teaching
  • Master of Education (M.Ed) in
  1. Education Administration
  2. Curriculum and Teaching
Degree Programmes
  • Bachelor of Education Arts (B.Ed Arts) in the following secondary school teaching subjects: English Language, Literature, Kiswahili, Religion, History, Geography, Music
  • Bachelor of Education Science (B.Ed. Science) in the following secondary school teaching subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Home Economics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Physics
Othe Programmes
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in Adult Education
2. Department of Guidance and Counselling
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Guidance and Counselling
  • Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

1. Department of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geography
  • Minor in:
  1. Geography
  2. History
  3. International Development
  4. Environmental Studies
2. Department of Languages and Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English
  1. Language
  2. Literature
  3. Linguistics
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Kiswahili
  1. Minor in English, Kiswahili, french
3. Department of Music
  • Bachelor of Music (BM/Mus.Ed) in Music Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music
  • Minor in Music
4. Department of Theology and Religious Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Religion
  • Minor in Religion

School of Science and Technology

1. Department of Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agribusiness
  • Bachelor of Technology (BT) in Agriculture
  • Minor in Agriculture
2. Department of Biological Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology with the following options:
  1. Biomedical Science
  2. Conservation Biology
  3. General Biology
  • Minor in Biology
3. Department of Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemistry
  • Minor in Chemistry
4. Department of Family and Consumer Services
  • Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science in Clothing and Textiles
  • Bachelor of Science in Child and Family
  • Minor in family and Consumer Science
5. Department of Mathematics and Physics
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematic
  • Minor in: Mathematics, Physics
6. Department of Theology
  • Bachelor of Science and Technology (BST) in Automotive
  • Bachelor of Technology in Automotive
  • Bachelor of Science and Technology in Electronics with the following options: Communication, Industrial Electronic
  • Bachelor of Science and Technology with Education
  • Associate Degree in Electronics

School of Health Sciences

1. Department of Medical Laboratory
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory
2. Department of Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
4. Department of Public Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health


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i would like to study Bachelor of nursing at your university. Tell me details
19 Sep 2010 @ 08:12

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Would you please advise me on what to do to get enrolled at your college. I already have a Diploma in Biomedical Science but would like to do Degree programe.If there are chances of geting any scholarship please let me know.
20 Sep 2010 @ 01:04

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Hi, would like to purse a degree in health related course. i scored a B- in KCSE.Can i come 4 carrier advise and when is it appropriate for me to come? when is it appropriate? when is the next intake for bachelor of degree in medical laboratory and Nursing? looking forward to join the EAU,Baraton. Thanks in advance have a happy new yr
29 Dec 2010 @ 05:58

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2 your offer ICT Course? If yes give me
16 May 2012 @ 07:54

Miss Mark
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Hi.Margaret from Kenya and i would love to take this course,Bachelor of Science and Technology in Electronics with Communication as the option.I scored a C+ in my O-level and also need a financial help, that is a scholar ship.Please send me details via my email.

Thank you

18 Apr 2013 @ 03:55

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