Disadvantages of alcohol to teenagers

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Teenagers who begin drinking before the age of 14 are more likely to develop alcohol dependence than those who wait until the age of 21.They are also at a higher risk of long term health issues brought about by alcohol like liver cirrhosis,pancreatitis and certain forms of cancer.They are at a high risk of contracting HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases due to their lack of control in their behaviour.They are more likely to experience depression compared to those without an alcohol problem.


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They often become parents at an early age. Alcohol is a bad influence to teenagers. They should learn to have self-control otherwise they'll lead a miserable life.
01 Nov 2011 @ 01:39

Hussein Mutai
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Alcohol is an addictive substance which leads to lack of proper management of oneself in his or her doings. And considering education to teenagers, it will probably affect them very much. Alcohol also leads to miscontrol of your life hence finding yourself doing extraordinary things which may cost your life without your knowledge. You will also have to pay the cost of maintaining yourself in alcohol hence leading you to steal in order to get money for you to have your daily taste of alcohol. And as you know stealing has taken many lives of our youths today.It may also lead you to disrespecting your own elders leading to you being disowned by your own community and guess what will happen to you in the future you will have to die poor without any help from the community because you are a drunkard. You will also never be forgiven by your parents for that knowing that you wasted their time and money to drink instead of learning like the other children or your younger brothers. It is also more likely that you will never have good friends who will help you apart from buying you the illicit drinks in the town. Just think about all this, it is really bitter to know that your son or daughter is one of those who are often chased by the chief's Askaris around at night. And for the teenagers who are drunkards, what do you think of your future life and what beholds your future needs? Think twice and act not just take this for granted.
01 Nov 2011 @ 01:49

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There is a reason to worry.All is not well.Many teenagers are abusing alcohol.They have made it a way of life.The consequences are so grave to contemplate.The society must act fast before things get out of hand.The sooner,the better.
08 Jan 2013 @ 04:25

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Alcohol is not good for the young especially not good for teenagers because it could cause confusion which is the biggest problem for all teenagers whether alcoholic or not because during teenage is when most people are still trying to discover their purpose.
08 Feb 2013 @ 02:29

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The youths today have become one of the hardest to deal with when it comes to alcoholism. I want to believe that it is what they copy from the society and what the society has shaped their thinking to be that makes them indulge in drinking alcohol. Peer pressure is also to blame for the same.
This has led to a waste in the productive portion of the population and the sufferers are those who should be relying on the youths.
09 Feb 2013 @ 02:02

Mrs kihara
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That is very true.Many teenagers are abusing alcohol.This is doing more harm than good to their lives.They become irresponsible members of the society.Those who sell alcohol to teenagers must be arrested and taken to court.Their licences should also be revoked.Selling of alcohol to teenagers is against the law.We must act before the situation gets out of control.
10 Feb 2013 @ 09:09

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They are at the higher risk of contracting stds and posibility of droping out of school is also higher.
07 Jul 2013 @ 12:40

Tunechi Maniz
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I fully agree with you and thanks alot for highlightting this topic especially the effects. I have seen it happen to my friends and after reading this i do not think i can ''experiment''
10 Jul 2013 @ 04:23

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Drinking alcohol when below 18 years should be unheard of.It is negligence on the side of the parent.Second,selling alcohol to an under 18 is unlawful and should be avoided by all means.
26 Sep 2013 @ 07:34

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