University Of Nairobi Master Of Business Administration (Mba) Strategic Management  Question Paper

Exam Name: Strategic Management 

Course: Master Of Business Administration (Mba)

Institution/Board: University Of Nairobi

Exam Year:2011

INSTRUCTIONS:Answer Question ONE(compulsory)and any other TWO questions.

Question One:(compulsory)
ABC company ltd actively started its business operations 5 years ago.For the first 3 years of its operations, the company performed progressively well in the areas of profit, general growth and cost management. However, the last 2 years have been characterized with wanting performance.Profit has been dwindling, operational, transaction and administrative costs have been systematically rising. Further there have been complaints by customers on the issues of product quality and customer service. there is general customer dissatisfaction leading to low retention levels.

You have been hired as a consultant to advice managemnt on the way foward.

Explain possible ways the company can pursue to enable the organization achieve its:
a) cost leadership goals (10 marks)
b) Differential goals (10 marks)

Question two
a)Explain the difference between the core competence and distinctive competence. (5 marks)

b)How can a firm utilize its core copetence to develope and nurture a sustainable competitive advantage? (10 marks)

Question three
During a workshop of the senior managers of one of the key state corporations one manager was heard commenting that"strategic planning is only appropriate for the private sector organizations"
Do you agree? Explain with appropriate examples. ( 15 marks)

Question four
Explain how each of the following portfolio analysis approach can be used to aid in strategy selection task.

a) BCG- Market share/ market growth model ( 7.5 marks)
b) Ansofts vector ( product market) matrix ( 7.5 marks)

Question five

Towards facilitating smooth and effective strategy implementation, organization systems are key.

a) State any three of these systems ( 3 marks )
b) Explain why and how each of the stated system is important in the strtegy implementation process. ( 12 marks)


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