KNEC Diploma in Personnel Management (Personnel Management) Knec Human Resource Management  Question Paper

Exam Name: Knec Human Resource Management 

Course: Diploma in Personnel Management (Personnel Management)

Institution/Board: KNEC

Exam Year:2008

1. (a) Explain five organizational barriers to effective communication [10 marks]

(b) Explain five ways in which a Human Resource Manager can enhance the safety of workers in an organization [10 marks]

2. (a) Explain five reasons why a motivated workforce is important to an organization [10 marks]

(b) Outline five external factors that may determine the availability of manpower resources in an organization [10 marks]

3. (a) Explain five ways in which employers can contribute towards career development of their employees [10 marks]

(b) Explain five requirements that are necessary for the successful operation of a job evaluation programme [10 marks]

4. (a) Outline five ways in which job selection interviews can be made more effective [10 marks]

(b) Explain five measures that managers may take to effectively provide performance appraisal feedback to their employees [10 marks]

5. (a) Describe five types of welfare facilities that employers may provide to their employees so that they can benefit after retirement [10 marks]

(b) Explain five principles that should guide the administration of discipline in an organization [10 marks]

6. (a) Explain five conditions of Collective Bargaining Process [10 marks]

(b) Describe five ways in which the attitude of the management towards employees may contribute to industrial conflicts [10 marks]

7. (a) Reconciliation is one of the ways through which industrial disputes can be solved. Describe four qualities of an effective conciliator [8 marks]

(b) Describe the stages in the evolution of Human Resource Management [12 marks]

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