Knec Diploma In Personnel Management (Personnel Management) Human Resource Management End Year Exam  Question Paper

Exam Name: Human Resource Management End Year Exam 

Course: Diploma In Personnel Management (Personnel Management)

Institution/Board: Knec

Exam Year:2005

1. (a) Explain five reasons why an organization may be described as a system. [10 marks]

(b) Explain five reasons why it is important for an organization to continously monitor its environment. [10 marks]

2. (a) An employee who perceives an inequality in the way he is treated by his supervisors may react in different ways.

Highlight five such ways. [10 marks]

(b) Explain five factors that may lead to the disintegration of a group in an organization. [10 marks]

3. (a) The management of LMV Ltd has a good reputation of achieving its goals.

Describe the indicators that may have led to this reputation. [10 marks]

(b) Explain the factors that a manager should consider when determining the degree of decentralization of authority in an organization. [10 marks]

4. (a) There has been an increase in the level of organizational politics at Walipa Co. Ltd.

Explain five factors that may lead to this situation. [10 marks]

(b) Behaviour modification is a learning technique for encouraging desired bahaviour.

Describe the steps involved in this technique. [10 marks]

5. (a) Avoidance is one way that a manager may use to solve departmental conflicts.
Highlight five situations in which this method can be used. [10 marks]

(b) Hasa, an employee at Watu company, has been experiencing an increased level of stress at his place of work.

Explain five measures that an employee can take to manage his stress. [10 marks]

6. (a) Explain five reasons why a firm may prefer to use line structure form of organization. [10 marks]

(b) Outline five positive effects of organizational development (OD) to a firm. [10 marks]

7. (a) Highlight five ways in which an employee may cope with technological changes in an organization. [10 marks]

(b) The Ohio State leadership model suggests that leadership styles in an organization should be determined by the demands of a given situation.

Explain five such situational variables. [10 marks]

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