Secondary Level Agriculture Form 2  Question Paper

Exam Name: Agriculture Form 2 

Course: Secondary Level


Exam Year:2007



1. Name the three branches of horticulture farming in Kenya (3mks)

2. State the name of tools that perform the following functions (5mks)

a. Cutting threads on pipes

b. For checking whether a tall wall is vertical

c. Tightening wire during fencing

d. Cutting curves on wood

e. Removal of gases which cause bloat in livestock

3. State the conditions determining choice of implements for primary cultivation (3mks)

4. Name the pumps used in agriculture production (3mks)

5. Name the three types of straight fertilizers (3mks)

6. Name methods of soil sampling (2mks)

7. Differentiate between apiculture and agriculture (4mks)

8. Differentiate soil structure and soil texture (4mks)

9. Name the types of soil water (3mks)

10. Name the planting materials for the following crops (4mks)

i. Sisal

ii. Pyrethrum

iii. Bananas

iv. Irish potatoes

11. How does soil lose fertility (5mks)

12. What is the importance of organic matter (5mks)

13. Why should a farmer keep farm records (6mks)

14. A farmer was advised to apply 150kg CAN per hectare, while top dressing the maize crop. CAN contains 21% Nitrogen. Calculate the amount of nitrogen applied per hectare (3mks)

14. What is the influence of soil pH on crop growth (4mks)

15. Given that maize is planted at a spacing of 75cm by 25cm, calculate the plant population in a plot of land measuring 100m by 100m (4mks)

16. What factors contribute to the formation of soil (4mks)

17. Give reasons why minimum tillage is practised (4mks)

18. What are the reasons for treating water (5mks)

19. State the factors affecting the spacing of crops (6mks)

20. What factors determine the depth of planting (4mks)

21. What is the importance of a nursery in crop production (4mks)

22. Name the functions of soil water (5mks)

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