KCSE Secondary Level Business Studies  Question Paper

Exam Name: Business Studies 

Course: Secondary Level

Institution/Board: KCSE

Exam Year:2012

1a)Explain 5 economic importances of natural resources.(10marks)
b)Explain 5 services offered to commercial banks by the Central Bank of Kenya.(10marks)
2a)Currently the goverment of Kenya is involved in privatizing public corporations.Explain 5 reasons that could make the goverment retain some of the corporations.(10marks)
b)Kenya is a member of the East Africa Common Market.Explain any 5benefits of the Common Market to the country.(10marks)
3a)Explain 5 factors that would cause an increase in the supply of a firm's product.(10marks)
b)Explain 5 advantages of a large population to a developing country.(10marks)
4a)Outline 5 factors that should be considered when drawing a development plan for a developing country.(10marks)
b)Outline 5 possible effects of eliminating the wholesalers from the chain of distribution.(10marks)
5a)Explain 5 advantages of a progressive tax system.(10marks)
b)Give 4 importances of a ledger.(8marks)

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