KCSE Secondary Level History Form 2  Question Paper

Exam Name: History Form 2 

Course: Secondary Level

Institution/Board: KCSE

Exam Year:2011

Instructions:Answer all the questions. 1.a)Identify any four forms of oral traditions.(4mks) b)Identify any three dating methods used by archeologists.(3mks) c)Give any five importance of studying government.(5mks) 2.a)Give reasons why Africa is considered cradle of mankind.(5mks) b)Identify three factors that made early man to move from forest to grassland.(3mks) c)Give any four areas where remains of Austlopithecus family have been found.(4mks) 3.a)Give any three reasons on the migration of Bantus.(3mks) b)What were the results of the migration of the Cushites.(5mks) 4.a)Give any four limitations to right to life.(4mks) b)Give any five social responsibilities of a Kenyan citizen.(5mks) 5.a)Give any three items from North Africa during the Trans Saharan trade.(3mks) b)Give any four reasons for the decline of trans saharan trade.(4mks) c)Identify two roles played by Western Sudan rulers during the trans saharan trade.(2mks)

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