KCSE Secondary Level Physics Revision Questions  Question Paper

Exam Name: Physics Revision Questions 

Course: Secondary Level

Institution/Board: KCSE

Exam Year:2011


1. What is an electric current? 1 mark

2. During a physics class the teacher told the pupil in primary cells the current is the result of non reversible chemical changes within the cell. But in the secondary cells the changes are reversible. What did the teacher mean? 2 marks

3. Draw the symbol of each of the following. (2marks)
a) connecting wires

b)crossing wires with connection.

4. Draw and label a dry lech’lanche cells. (5 marks)

5. State four applications of electrostatics (2 marks)

6. a) Differentiate between regular and irregular reflection. ( 2 marks)

b) Do they both obey law of reflection? ( 1 marks)

7. Define the following ( 3mks)
a) magnet

b) Ferromagnetic material

c) Magnetic material.

8.a) State the law of magnetism ( 1 mks)

b) A form two student placed a magnet in a bottle containing iron filling. After some time she removed the magnet and recorded her observation. Using a diagram explain the observation she made .( 4 marks)

c) Name and draw any two common shapes of magnets. ( 2 marks
9. if you go from the earth to live on the moon you would have the same mass. But your weight would be different. Explain. ( 2 marks)

10. When 60 drops of oil were run out of a burette, there was a drop of 1.0 cm3
in the volume of oil in the burette .state the radius of each drop ( 3 marks)

11. Define what the term derived units mean. ( 1mks)

12. What does the study of physics entails (2marks)

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