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Latest Past Papers
Social Psychology
Social Philosophy
Bba100: Business Studies
Hph 723/Pph 708: Law Ethics And Public Health - Bioethics
Hml 501: Basic Immunolgy
Hml 310: Transfusion Ii
Hml 301: Histo/Cytopathology
Hml 104: Basic Biochemistry Ii
Hml 100: Basic Cell Biology
Principles Of Marketing
Heh101:Nutrition And Health
Ethics And Education
Bms 102: Management Mathematics
Aps 303 : Psychology Of Adolescence
Him 210: Consumer Dynamics
Information Systems
Pmath 022: Basic Calculus Pre-S2
Bms 102: Management Mathematics
Bms 101:Introduction To Insurance
Bac:101 Fundamentals Of Accounting Two
Eet 101: Macroeconomic Theory 1
Asc 103:Social Structure Of African Societies
Aps 106:Introduction To Lifecycle Development
Sma:160 Introduction To Probability And Statistics
Aen 303 Second Languge Acquisition
Ecd 502: Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment And Auditing
Ens 501: Statistical Analysis Techniques
Ecd 104: Human Ecology And Adaptations
Eed 518: Climate Change Theory And Climatic Systems.
Ecd 521: Social Thought And Analysis
Eed 209: Environmental Laboratory And Field Education
Erc 305: Natural Resource Utilization And Development
Erc 305: Natural Resource Utilization And Development
Ens 230: Principles Of Environmental Ecology
Eed 528: Environmental Education In Climate Change
Ens 508: Biodiversity
Tsa 404: Tourism Law And Politics
Tsa 305 : Culture And Peoples Of East Africa
Tsa 202: Introduction To Research Methods
Tsa 201: Statistics In Tourism Ii
Tsa 103: Introduction To Ecology
Mpe 103: Kenyan Dance
Mae 314: Adaptation And Arrangement Of African Songs
Aks 608: Discourse Analysis
Pac/M/ 501: Education Management
Eap 401: Education Administration
Pac/M/524: Curriculum Innovation
Pac/M/ 507: Primary Education
Pac/M/506: Instructional Supervision
Efn/M/562: Research Methods In Comparative Education