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Latest Past Papers
Geo 224E: Hydrology
Geo 121: Introduction To Human Geography
Geo 211: Introduction To Hydrology
Geo 110: The Earths'' Physical Environments
Edg 120:Physical And Environmental Geography
Geo 310: Climatology
His 320: Development Of Historical Thought Since 1900
Bbm 207: Introduction To Insurance And Risk Management
Bbm 205: Management Information Systems
Cmm 102: History Of Communication
Cmm 216: Introductiob To Advertising
Cmm 205: Introduction To Public Relation
Cmm 107: Introduction To Communication Research
Cmm 103: Introduction To Information Technology
Cmm 200: Interpersonal And Intergroup Communication
Ece 372: Power Systems
Ece 342: Transmission Lines
Ece 352: Analogue Electronics Iii
Ece 332: Introduction To Telecommunication Engineering
Ece 362: Elecctrical Machines 2
Ece 362: Elecctrical Machines 2
Ece 362: Elecctrical Machines 2
Ece 362: Elecctrical Machines 2
Cmd 120: Contemporary Issues In Community Development
Mit 312: Engineering Design 1
Ece 322: Introduction To Telecommunication Engineering.
Bas 103: Introduction To Philosophy And Religion
Pss 112: Substance Abuse And Crime
Sas 104: Social Science Perspectives On Hiv/Aids
Cmd 110: Introduction To Community Development
Sas 103: Deviance And Rehabilitation
Spy 110: Introduction To Psychology
Soc 110: Introduction To Sociology
Spc 110: Introduction To Counseling Psychology
Swk 110: Introduction To Social Work
Bas 103: Introduction To Philosophy And Religion
Bas 101: Ethnography Of African Societies
Ant 121: Leadership And Ethics
Ece 382: Introduction To Microprocessors And Assembly Language
Sas 104: Social Science Perspective On Hiv/Aids
Cim 230: Curriculum Development
Msb 106:Human Anatomy, Lower Limb
Are 102 ,Principles Of Microeconomics
Bhr 104; Human Resource Management [11]
Are 370;Farming Systems
Bhr 105; Introduction To Macroeconomics
Are 431; Agribusiness Management
Are 411 ;Agricultural Marketing 2[Applications] Cat 1
Msb 103:Blood And Immune Mechanism
Msb 103:Blood And Immune Mechanism