Introduction to Microeconomics Course Outline


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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Scope of economics
1.2 Scope of microeconomics
1.3 Tools of economic analysis

2.0 Theory of consumer behaviour
2.1 Tastes and preferences of the
2.2 Consumer behaviour and the
individual demand
2.3 Market demand and elasticity

3.0 Theory of production
3.1 The production function
3.2 Laws of production
3.3 Technological progress and
production function
3.4 Equilibrium of the firm
3.5 The concept of costs of

4.0 Theory of product markets
4.1 Perfect competition
4.2 Monopoly
4.3 Monopolistic competition
4.4 Oligopoly

5.0 Theory of factor markets
5.1 Definition of factor markets
5.2 Pricing of factors inputs in
mopolistic markets

Recommended Textbooks

1. Lipsey & Chrystal: Positive Economics, Oxford University Press
2. Mansfield, E.: Microeconomics: Theory and Applications, W. W. Norton and Co.
3. David B, Stanely F, Rudiger D: Economics; McGraw Hill Book Company, 4th edition.


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Nice course outline and the reference books are really good too. This is an important course in the study of economics because it provides the base on which to build economic principles and rules.
29 Aug 2011 @ 04:50

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