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in order to open a KRA pin you must have an email address. if you have an email so if you have an email type and wait as it is loading , after it has finished loading click on online services and there will be a hyperlink written acquire pin then if it has finished loading then click new tax payer and follow the rest of the procedure.


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i think it just can not happen so, you must have registered with KRA and have authority to open the pin not just any person who can avail the internet
12 Sep 2011 @ 03:09

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Kenya Revenue Authority PIN application requirements defer with the legal personality of an individual e.g. company, NGOs, individual,

Before you start your application for your KRA PIN, ensure you have:
1. ID Number
2. Date of birth of Applicant
3. District of Birth of Applicant
4. Mother's Last Name
5. Father's Last Name
6. Year of Birth of Applicant

For Non-residents individuals, the Alien registration Number is required.

For Companies and Partnerships, the certificate of registration number is required.

On: "" website click on: Click Here To Apply for your PIN and/or Submit Online Returns, you will then be be redirected to "" , here, click on: New TaxPayer, another page on "" will load where you will be required to enter your legal personality: resident, non resident, or company. NOTE: Ticking the rights option at this point is enough to take you to the next stage, one is not obligated to click: "Validate". An extension of the page loads and one is then required to enter the requirements as stated above. One should ensure this information is credible and accurate, as on loading of the next page should load with your full details automatically including your name, father's, and mother's name.

On this page, one should then enter: their email address; Box Number, Postal code, post office name, physical address; city, street/road, building, area, Land rent no, Telephone; lans and area code, mobile number. Lastly, you are then to enter your nature of business activity. NOTE: one should only highlight the option.

You are then to submit the information to KRA and wait for an email from them. Log-in on your working email account and open the email from KRA.

You are then required to go back to: "" A tax payer is then required to log in the system using the Log in Page and enter the personal credentials earlier sent through your email as follows:

User identification: enter PIN number
Password: Enter Password generated by the system
Security Stamp: Enter security stamp generated by the system
as an attachment: this is required only for the first log in.

The security stamp will be activated by clicking on the icon next to the security stamp.
The same procedure is folllowed just for where one uses the Certificate of registration number instead of the National Identification Number. One is further required to enter the company directors with o their positions.

Scan and send the certificate of registration of the NGO to . It will be loaded in the database then you will be able to register for PIN using the following procedure;

* Log onto, open Tax payer Registration link under Online Services, click on Taxpayer Registration.
* Select New Taxpayer
* input
* Fill in all mandatory fields with asterix then confirm correctness and submit.
* KRA will respond through your e-mail address providing you with a PIN number, Password and Security Stamp.
* Go to Taxpayer Registration fill in the pin number, password and security stamp then login.
* Change your password (please remember this for security reasons) to a password of your own choice which must be (Eight characters i.e Six letter and 2 numbers) as instructed.
* Choose Main Menu, Enquiry then Print your Taxpayer Registration Certificate. You may refer to the “Step by step guide” which is on the KRA portal

A complete step-by-step guide to your application can be found on:

16 Sep 2011 @ 01:29

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I appreciate the on-line application of KRA pin because is easier and time saving.
31 Oct 2012 @ 04:05

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