courses and degree programmes offered at kenyatta university


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School of Humanities And Social Sciences

* Philosophy and Religious Studies Dept.
* English & Linguistics Department
* Foreign Languages Department
* Geography Department
* History, Archaeology and Political Studies Department
* Kiswahili & African Languages Dept.
* Literature Department
* Sociology Department
* Psychology Department
* Department of Gender and Development

School of Visual And Performing Arts

* Theatre Arts and Film Technology Dept.
* Department of Music
* Fine Art Department

School of Education

* Educational Psychology Department
* Educational Management Policy & Curriculum Studies Dept.
* Educational Communication & Technology Dept.
* Educational Foundations Dept.
* Library & Information Science Department
* Early Childhood Studies Department
* Special Education Department

School of Pure And Applied Sciences

* Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department
* Chemistry Department
* Mathematics Dept.
* Department of Plant and Microbial Sciences
* Department of Zoological Sciences
* Physics Department
* Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

School of Engineering And Technology

* Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
* Energy Engineering,
* Water and Environmental Engineering
* Electronics Engineering
* Computing & Information Technology.

School of Environmental Studies

* Environmental Planning and Management Department.
* Environmental Science Dept.
* Environmental Studies and Community Development Department

School of Applied Human Sciences

* Fashion, Design & Marketing Department.
* Community Resource Management and Extension Dept.
* Physical and Health Education Dept
* Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics Department
* Recreation Management & Exercise Science Department

School of Health Sciences

* Nursing Department.
* Pathology Department
* Pre-clinical Sciences Department
* Public Health Department
* Department of Pharmacy & Complementary/Alternative Medicine

School of Business

* Business Administration Dept.
* Management Science Dept.
* Accounting and Finance Department

School of Economics

* Department of Applied Economics
* Department of Econometrics & Statistics
* Department of Economic Theory

School of Agriculture And Enterprise Development

* Agricultural Resources Management (ARM) Department.
* Agribusiness Management and Trade (AMT) Department
* Agricultural Sciences and Technology Department

School of Law

* Department of Public Law
* Department of Private Law

School of Hospitality & Tourism

* Department of Tourism Management
* Department of Hospitality Management


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