The role of youth in Church


Date Posted: 11/24/2011 12:43:26 PM

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Our churches today are full of materialistic and power-hungry individuals. The basic role of the church as a house of worship has been violeted. It is in this regard that I have attempted to involve the youth in church activities in my local church. I believe that if the youth are given a chance, they will actualize the mission of the church. The youth are energetic and well exposed. They can work hard to better their future, which in the end will be beneficial to the society at large. The youth are very interactive, active and jovial. Given a chance, they can bring life into the church; bursting with ideas at all times. The youth should also be given a chance to preach God's word through missions. The youth are vibrant energetic drivers of any dynamic community or society. They just need a chance, and they will take it as given.


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Am 23. Very vibrant and creative. I can sing, dance, preach and even create plays! Given a chance in the church, I can take entertaunment to a whole new level!

Believe there are no moments spared nowadays. Money has transformed any non profit makind hour into short seconds!

Order of service:
0600 hrs-0800 hrs: first service
0800hrs-1000 hrs : second service
1000hrs-1300 hrs. : main service

With the above schedule, do you think in any given service the youths have time for talent shows??
25 Jul 2012 @ 12:29

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