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Masters courses offered at Egerton University

Faculty of Science

Master of Science in Biochemistry (Research Option)
Master of Science Biochemistry Science and Technology (Research Option)
Master of Science in Mycology
Master of Science Plant Pathology
Master of Science in Limnology
Master of Science in Animal physiology
Master of Science integrated Pest and Vector management
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Science in Physics
Master of Science in Biostatistics & Buimetrics
Master of Science in pure Mathematics
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
Master of Science in Statistics
Master of Science in Medical Parasitology

Faculty of Agriculture

Master of Science in Agricultural Economics
Master of Science in Animal Breeding And Genetics
Master of Science in Soil Science
Master of Science in Animal Production (with Breeding and Nutrition options)
Master of Science in Agronomy (with Protection, Breeding and Production Options)
Master of Science in Food Science
Master of Science in Horticulture (with Floriculture, Olericulture and Pomology options)
Master of Science In Livestock Production
Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology
Master of Science in Animal Nutrition

Faculty of Engineering

Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering.
Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering.
Master of Science in Soil and Water Engineering (SWEN)
Master of Science in Water Resources and Environmental Management

Faculty of Arts And Social Sciences

M.A.English Language and Linguistics.
M.A. Kiswahili.
M.A. Religion.

Faculty of Education And Community Studies

M.Sc. in Community Studies & Extension.
M.Sc. in Science Education
M.Sc. in Curriculum & Instruction Educational Management
M. sc. Agriculture Education; Agriculture Extension

College Of Open And Distance Learning

M.Sc in Curriculum and Instruction
M.Sc in Education Management
M.Sc in Education Foundations
M.Sc in Guidance and Counseling
M.Sc in Languages
M.Sc in Guidance & Counseling
M.Sc in Community Studies and Extension
M.A. in linguistic MA (Ling)
M.A. in Community Economic Development (CED)
M.A. in Social Work MA (SW) (Evening Programme)

Faculty of Environment And Resource Development

M.Sc in (Geography)
M.Sc in Natural Resources Management
MSc in Environmental Science

Faculty of Health Sciences

M.Sc. in Foods Nutrition & Dietetics.
M.Sc. in Health Services Management
M.Sc. in of Public Health


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