Units offered in BSc. Telecommunication & Information Engineering JKUAT 1st Year


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* HRD 2101 Communication skills (University unit)
* SMA 2170 Algebra (Faculty unit)
* SPH 2170 Physics I
* SCH 2102 Chemistry I
* EME 2101 Engineering Drawing and Design I
* HRD 2103 General Economics
* SMA 217l Geometry (Faculty unit)
* SMA 2172 Calculus I
* SMA 2173 Calculus II
* SPH 2171 Physics II
* SCH 2108 Chemistry II
* EME 2103 Material Science I
* *EEE 2110 Workshop Practice II
* EME 2102 Workshop Practice I
* EME 2113 Engineering Drawing and Design II
* HRD 2102 Development studies(University unit)


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