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School Based Courses for April 2012 Intake

1. Master of Education in: Leadership and Management, Curriculum Studies, Educational Psychology, Instructional Technology, Comparative Education, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Lifelong Education, Educational Planning, Economics of Education
2. Master of Early Childhood Studies
3. Master of Business Administration
4. Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
5. Master of Arts in: Counseling Psychology, History, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Geography, English
6. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
7. Bachelor of Education (Science)
8. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
9. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies (Primary Option or Community Development)
10. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs
11. Bachelor of Arts in: Criminology and Risk Management, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
12. Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
13. Diploma in Education (Science)
14. Diploma in Education (Arts)
15. Diploma in Special Needs Education
16. Diploma in Early Childhood Studies
17. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
18. Diploma in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
19. Diploma in Criminology and Risk Management
20. Diploma in School Management (Primary/Secondary Option)
21. Pre-University

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Bacehelor of arts(scien
20 Apr 2012 @ 12:33

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okello kirk joseph 0700841028 mean A- wish to join kakamega branch Education Science Bio Chem please advice
07 Jan 2014 @ 11:39

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