Diploma in supply chain management at Zetech College (KNEC)


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Diploma in supply chain management at Zetech College
Duration: 18 months
Module I
• Communication skills
• Information communication technology
• Entrepreneurship- business plan
• Supply chain management and purchasing principles
• Warehousing operations and stock control
• Economics
• Financial accounting
• Business law
Module II
• Public procurement and finance
• Purchasing management
• Supplies management
• Cost accounting
• Principles and practice of marketing
• Quantitative techniques
Module III
• Purchasing and supply strategy
• Operations
• Project and contract management
• International purchasing
• Managerial accounting
• Principles and practice of management
• Project

For more information contact:
Zetech College
P.O box 2768- 00200, Nairobi
Telephone number: 020- 4452761
Cell phone number: 0720 554555
Email: courses@zetechcollege.com
Web: www.zetechcollege.com


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