The importance of law.


Date Posted: 11/1/2012 4:30:22 PM

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Imagine if we were living in a world where there is no particular law, no rules, no regulations and other measures that at least help in guiding us. What would this world look like? You know I have been trying to imagine that we can still live without laws but I have come to realize that I have just been dreaming hard. Like if there were no policemen in the country to take care of law breakers, oh no!
How important do you think the laws are and can we live without these laws?
What are the functions of law?
Without laws, the world can be very boring and out of order. I understand that in the olden days, such things never existed but at least there were some regulations and rules that were universal that protected individuals generally. Then afterwards, there came the customs and cultures from which even the Kenyan constitution is partly extracted from.
I now can understand that laws have very important functions;
Brings out justice in the society in general. There could be injustices of the highest order if there were no laws to regulate and take care of our behaviors.
Laws set standards and help as a controlling mechanism. It is used to set standard requirement and also help in controlling what should be done.
Laws help to prevent anarchy.
Laws help to control and define the structure of public.
Laws help in promoting order in the societies because there are penalties for breaking such laws.
Laws help to promote social control.
Laws are used in solving conflicts.
Laws also create social harmony and cohesion between people.


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