Rural development and its importance


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Rural development may be defined as the process that aims at improving the well being of the people living outside urbanized areas. It is also a process of improving the quality of life the socioeconomic well being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.
It is an indispensable context since it remarkably contributes to positive economic growth and development in the country. The following are importance of rural development.
1. Development of rural areas is perceived as part of national development. This is because more than seventy percent of the population dwells in rural areas. Most of this population is compose of poor and vulnerable people.
2. Development of rural areas aims at eradicating rural poverty.
3. It encourages people to become self reliant and self sufficient. Therefore, in this regard, they are able to actively participate in improving their lives.
4. It is also important because it aims at proper and maximum utilization of the vat and unexploited resources which lay dormant in the rural areas.
5. It seeks to reconstruct the rural areas through various programs and projects.
While undertaking rural development strategies, stakeholders involved should understand the community found in rural areas. This is important because it will help the stakeholders understand the needs and problems of the rural people as well as the physical environment. Understanding the community can be done through dialogue with the rural people. This ensures that the people do not reject the various projects underway that are meant to spearhead rural development.


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