DIS 102: Fundermentals of computer systems, course outline.


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DIS 102

Course Outline


The computer exercises such an important and wide spread influence on our society today that every educated person should study the basic disciplines underlying its operation and application. It is popular with everybody; from managers to employees, and from scientists to nursery school children. Computer science is an ever-changing discipline and therefore, no one person is expected to know all its applications. No experience with computers is assumed in this course.

The objective of the course is to give students an in-depth understanding of why computers are essential components in business and society

Lecture One: Overview of Computer Systems
? What is a computer?
? Humans as information Processors
? Features of computer systems
? Data representation
? Advantages and disadvantages of computer systems

Lecture Two: Evolution and Types of Computers
? History of Computers
? Generations of computers
? Trends in computer technology
? Classifications and types of computers
? Generations of Programming languages

Lecture Three: Computer Hardware
? Input Units and Input technology trends
? Output Units and Output technologies
? Central Processing Unit (CPU)
? Secondary/External storage

Lecture Four: Computer Software
? System Software
? Utility programs
? Trends in application Software
? System development programs
? User controlled computing

Lecture Five: Introduction to Windows
? The desktop
? The common user interface
? The mouse
? The Help command

Lecture Six: Computer applications: Microsoft Word
? Document editing
? Document organizing
? Document formatting
? Document production

Lecture Seven: Computer applications: Microsoft Excel
? Structures and navigation of workbooks and worksheets
? Making and editing of entries
? Formulas and functions
? Formatting Worksheets

Lecture Eight: Computer applications: Microsoft Access
? Table creation and manipulation
? Queries
? Reports

Lecture Nine: Computer applications: Internet
? Connecting to the Internet
? Access providers
? Internet address
? World Wide Web
? Internet services

Lecture Ten: Concepts and Methods of Data Processing
? Basic concepts of data processing
? Data files and Databases
? Database Management Systems

Lecture Eleven: Data Communication and Networks
? Telecommunications system components
? Data transmission
? Computer Networks
? Distributed systems

Lecture Twelve: Information Systems Development
? Information Systems
? System Development Life Cycle
? Rapid Prototyping

Lecture Thirteen: Computer Security
? Need for Controls
? Computer Fraud or Crime
? Computer security
? Privacy Issues and social challenges of Information Technology
? Ethical responsibilities

1. French C.S., Computer Science, Thomson Learning, London 2004
2. Saleem, N. A., Information Technology Simplified, N. A. Saleem Publishers, Nairobi Kenya
3. Gordon, B. N., Management Information Systems: Conceptual Foundation, Structure and Development, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1974
4. Grauer and Barber, M., Exploring Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River , New Jersey, 2001
5. O’Brien, J. A., Management Information Systems: Managing Information Technology in the E-Business Enterprise (Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd. , New Delhi,2002)
6. Manuals of relevant software packages
7. Any other relevant materials


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