The challenges facing teacher education in sub saharan africa


Date Posted: 6/3/2013 3:02:55 AM

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1 Lack of legislation on teacher profession
2 Uncoordinated teacher training programs
3 The relevance of teacher education programs
4 Poor recruitment and attitudes of student-teacher trainees
5 The quality of student teachers
6 Teacher training period
7 Teacher training and learning resources
8 The relevance of teacher education curriculum
9 Low knowledge on ICT equipment and skills
10 Teaching about teaching verses training to teach
11 Deployment of trained teachers depends on the funds allocated in the ministry of education
12 Teacher wastage by retirement, resignation, dismissal, death, or retrenching
13 Government policy
14 Training capacities of teacher colleges and universities
15 The rate of turn over of teachers from stations to other stations
16 The quality of teachers produced


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