Paddy Micro Investment Ltd, Jasmine Centre, Westlands, Nairobi Kenya,

About Paddy Micro Investment Ltd, Jasmine Centre, Westlands, Nairobi Kenya,

Paddy Micro Investment Ltd is a Kenyan Company fighting global poverty and providing jobs for the youth by accelerating the growth of micro credit through small loans and other financial tools for self-empowerment where it is needed most. Our Model focuses on seeking out and partnering with talented youth, existing small scale business entrepreneurs and micro credit institutions helping them build capacity, attract capital, unite our network to achieve rapid, sustainable growth. Microfinance is most effective when a micro credit loan is supported by a range of client-supporting products and services such as business skills training, Savings programs, and basic insurance plans. In support of these innovations, paddy encourages the development of “high impact” microcredit: a combination of increased access to these tools with an emphasis on sustainability, client protection, and social impact. We target our efforts in high end regions of the country where micro finance has promise but is struggling to grow. Once the clients reach critical milestones and demonstrate sustainability, we shift our resources to where they can be used most efficiently

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