Evergreen Park, Kiambu Road

  • Address:P.O. BOX 74414 – 00200 City: Nairobi
  • City/Town: Kiambu Road
  • Telephone Number: +254 020 2051010
  • Telephone Number 2: +254 020 2051010
  • Email Address: info@evergreenpark.co.ke
  • Website: www.evergreenpark.co.ke
  • Category: Recreational Facilities

About  Evergreen Park, Kiambu Road

Evergreen Park and Garden is a recreational site situated along Kiambu Road approximately 6 Km from the Muthaiga Golf Club.The area covers about 10 acres of dry land and 2.5 acres of water surface in form of a dam. The dry land is covered by well groomed Kikuyu and Zimbabwe green grass and well shaded fruit trees. The land is well terraced and slopes towards the dam ultimately providing a very scenic water front garden with a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The Park is ideal for outdoor activities such as weddings , picnics , camping , birthday/goat eating parties , office excursions and team bulding , retreats , school tours among others. We organize extensive farm tour for schools where children come into contact with farm animals such as cows , goats , pigs , horses , camels , chicken , ducks etc. Farm output include coffee , maize , beans , avacados and a wide range of vegetabales. We offer activities such as ball games , boat rides (with life jackets) , horse & camel rides , tug of war , fishing , bouncing castles , swings etc. that keep everyone entertained. We offer superb sanitation facilities that includes ; cleaning tap water , toilets , showers , sinks. Other facilities are ; fire area , bandas , chairs , tables , jikos – a great outdoor cooking atmosphere. We go at great lenghths to ensure adequate security at the park. We organize police protection as well as internal patrols at all times. Our well trained staff are friendly and are always in hand to assist , in addition they offer useful tips when touring the facility. We ensure the environment is well managed ; hence maintaining a colourful and serene ambience at all times. Lastly , we take this opportunity to invite you to our facility to sample some of our packages. We encourage visitors to book in advance to avoid disappointments; especially for the large groups.

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