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  • Address: P.O. BOX 35-60401
  • Location: Chogoria
  • Telephone Number: 254 064 22620,254 064 22123
  • Email Address:
  • College Website:

About Clive School of Nursing

Clive School of Nursing was established as Nurse Training School in 1951.
It is part of Chogoria Hospital.
The college trains Kenya Registered Community Health nurses (KRCHN) at Diploma level.
It is located on the Eastern slopes of Mount Kenya.

Entry requirements:
(i)C at KCSE and above with C in English,Biology and C- in either maths,physics or chemistry.
(ii)Applicants must have attained 18 years of age and above
(iii)Candidates must be physically and mentally healthy
(iv)They must be in possession of the national identity card

Courses offered at Clive School of Nursing(36 courses)

Bachelor of Science(Nursing)
diploma in auditing(auditing)
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology(Medical Laboratory Technology)
Bachelor of Science in Public Health(Public Health)
Diploma in Community Nutrition(Community Nutrition)
Diploma in Occupational Therapy(Occupational Therapy)
Certificate in Community Health(Community Health)
Certificate in Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management(Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management)
Diploma in Nursing(Nursing)
Diploma in Medical Engineering(Medical Engineering)
Diploma in Community Oral Health(Oral Health)
Diploma in Clinical Medicine(Clinical Medicine)
Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery(Clinical Medicine and Surgery)
Certificate in Community Health Assistant(Community Health Assistant)
Certificate in Community Nutrition(Community Nutrition)
Certificate in Environmental Health(Environmental Health)
Diploma in Dental Technology(Dental Technology)
Certificate in Medical Engineering(Medical Engineering)
Certificate in Environmental Health and Sanitation(Environmental Health)
Certificate in Community Health Nursing(Community Health Nursing)
Certificate in Clinical Psychology and Counseling(Clinical Psychology)
Certificate in Clinical and Community Nutrition(Clinical and Community Nutrition)
Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology(Health Records)
Diploma in Health & Nutrition(Health & Nutrition)
Diploma in Physiotherapy(Physiotherapy)
Diploma in Medical Imaging Sciences(Medical Imaging Sciences)
Diploma in Orthopedic Technology(Orthopaedic Technology)
Diploma in Community Health Nursing(Community Health Nursing)
Certificate in Health Records and Information(Health Records and Information)
Diploma in Pharmacy(Pharmacy)
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science(Medical Laboratory Science)
Diploma in Animal Health and Production(Animal Health and Production)
Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences(Environmental Health Sciences)
Diploma in Health Records & Information Technology(Health Records)
Certificate in Pharmacy(Pharmacy)
Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing(Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing)
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