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  • Address: The Campus Director,
    Southern Nyanza Campus,
    P.O. Box 184.
  • Location: Rongo
  • Telephone Number: 0770308253
  • Email Address:
  • College Website:

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About Rongo University College

Rongo University is a public institution
which was established in June 2011.It is
located on Kitere Hill,off Kisii-Migori
highway.The following schools are available:
(a)School of Education
(b)Arts and social sciences
(c)Information,Communication and Media Studies
(d)Business and Human Resource Development
(e)Science,Technology and Engineering
(f)Agriculture,Natural Resources and Environmental studies

Programs and courses

Higher Diploma (1 courses)

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Latest Reviews by Students and Alumni

Rongo University College Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.8 out of 5 based on 16 ratings and 16 reviews.
  • Vincent Shayo(BTM Class of 2018)
    Overall Rating:5The factors that Make Rongo University College to be a better place to be for all.

    There is the provision of high quality training and professional skills in various courses from certificate up to degree levels. One can actually obtain various degrees and diplomas as per the interest without moving from one region to another to search for universities which provide the advanced program.They can actually do so conveniently at Rongo university College without making shifts to other Universities or Colleges.

    Another key factor that cannot be thrown out of this list is the Flexible study mode that enables to suit individual schedule. Rongo University College has and is still improving on new facilities, means and ways to enable learners who might not be able to be physically present at the University Vicinity at all times to be able to undertake their learning more effectively and efficiently where ever they are.The Distance Learning method has really helped and will continue helping Rongo University to achieve its goals at the same time enable its Distance learners benefit more efficiently from this.

    There is also proper access to the internet for all students.Students are able to surf the internet without necessarily having to worry about purchasing the data bundles as there is free internet access available; the (Rongo University Hot-spot).

    There are high Qualified and competent lecturers.This enables learners to be well assured of quality skills to be equipped with that will later help them in being at the top level of the competitive employment environment in the out-school life out there.Theses lectures also use relevant techniques that simplifies the learning activity from its complicated nature as most often stereotyped by many out there.They do also value their students without bias.

    The university also offers opportunities for its students to go out for industrial attachments where applicable.This helps in molding all-rounded professionals in their fields of specialization.It does not only rely on the theory offered in the lecture halls but also helps in fostering the attainment of practical skills in the relevant fields of concern.

    There is also assured access to recreation facilities like for those who like games among others. Those who like watching football on television are also able to do so in the ''Subscribed Television'' halls available in the University.There is a good football pitch though not quite spacious enough and there is also hockey games being practiced.These games are practiced everyday in this University.Rugby players with their fans are are also quite thriving to make their game live and most interested on their pitch.Without forgetting Volleyball which has numerous tournaments scheduled by the University for the players to be able to present the school in various inter-University match competitions.Karate practice is also available to those interested in it everyday in the evenings as from:4:30 pm to around 7:30 pm.These activities are so vigorous and attractive to every corner of the University.

    There is a fairly stocked Library that helps in enhancing research, wide-reading and referencing.There are all sorts of newspapers and magazines.There is also the digital E-Library that further necessitates quality research and E-learning.One can access various books concerning their courses online here in the E-Library.

    There are spacious discussion rooms and lecture halls though for some specific schools which are not very crowded or densely populated with students.These facility helps in ensuring quality intake of relevant skills under a conducive environment free from various pressures and the unavoidable factors that can hinder quality performance to the students and to the University in general.

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  • Humphrey Muthuri Kaluma(Bachelor of Education arts Class of 2019)
    Overall Rating:4Rongo is a nice and a good place to live in.
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  • Isoe Misati Duke(Education sciences Class of 2019)
    Overall Rating:5Rongo Is One Of The Best Universities Countrywide And Even In The Diaspora. A Goldmine Of Knowledge.
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  • Brighton Odida(Education Class of 2017)
    Overall Rating:5A gold mine of knowledge.
    Education is the engine of success.
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  • Hillary Kipsang Chesire(Agribusiness Management Class of 2018)
    Overall Rating:5Am still a student.
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  • John Orwa( Class of 2017)
    Overall Rating:4Doing Bsc. Mathematics
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  • Evans Odhiambo( Class of 2018)
    Overall Rating:5Pursuing education science[physics maths] and living in Kitere.
    The university is the real choice as it offers humble time for studies
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  • Akowa Fredrick Ochieng( Class of 2017)
    Overall Rating:5Current student at the institute.
    I Reside in Rongo town.
    Education is the best.
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  • Denise Mercy ( Class of 2017)
    Overall Rating:4I just like the place
    It feels good to be here.
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  • Farah( Class of 2013)
    Overall Rating:5Studying
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