System Analysis And Design Question Paper

System Analysis And Design 

Course:Diploma In Information Technology (Information Technology)

Institution: Kenya Polytechnic question papers

Exam Year:2007

1 (a) During the design and development of a computerized information processing system, various types of documentation are produced. Explain four functions performed by some of these documentations.(8marks)
(b) It is possible for systems analysis involved in the introduction of new or upgraded computer systems to encounter resentment and opposition from existing employees. This may take many forms from outright opposition to active hostility toward the new system during fact finding interviews.
(i) Outline four reasons for employees to react in this manner.(4marks)
(ii) Outline four measures that can be taken by the systems analyst to alleviate this resistance.(4marks)
(c) ABC Company Ltd will need Ksh 250,000 at the end of 3 years for restructuring. Calculate the present investment value the company needs to invest at an annual compound interest rate of 10%.(4marks)

2 A fast-food organization has expanded the number of out lets around a city. At the moment the outlets use conventional cash tills. The organization would like to implement a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system in all its outlets with linkages to a centralized computer.
Assume you are the organization's systems analyst and you have been asked to assist in the conversation process from the existing system to the new one :
(a) evaluate the change-over options that are available and recommend the most suitable method for the new system.(12marks)
(b) construct a sequential check list for the activities to be carried out during the implementation process.(8marks)

3. Assuming you are senior systems analysts working in an IT department of a large organization that currently uses the traditional SDLC as the standard for developing new systems. You have been asked by your manager to examine a number of structured systems methodologies with a view to recommending the most appropriate one to be adopted by the company.
(a) Explain five features of the structured approach to systems analysis and design .(10marks)
(b) Set up a plan for carrying out this request.(10marks)

4.(a) Outline six areas where systems are most vulnerable.(6marks)
(b) Outline four reasons for computer systems being more vulnerable than manual systems to destruction by error, misuse and fraud.(8marks)
(c) State two characteristics for each of the following classes of forms as used in systems design :
(i) Action
(ii) Memory
(iii) Report (6marks)

5. Systems analysts require three views of any system that they are developing. These cover the way data flows, the entities involved and the timing of the events and their effects that occur in the processing involved.
(a) Outline each of the three major tools that the systems analyst will use.(9marks)
(b) Once developed, explain the joint values or relationships that these tools will have to the systems analyst.(8marks)
(c) Explain two reasons for putting the effort required at the analysis stage of a computer project. (3marks)

6.(a) Outline the steps that would be used in developing a prototype.(5marks)
(b) In the context of computer systems, explain each of the following concepts stating their importance to systems analysts in the development of information systems :
(i) The systems approach (ii) Feedback (iv) open-loop system (v) Boundary (vi) Hierarchy(15marks)

7.(a) In the context of Entity Relationship Modelling,outline the process of normalization.(5marks) (b) Read through the following narrative carefully then create a Level 1Logical Data Flow Diagram.
Electron PH is an organization specializing in supplying electronic components. The success of their business depends on a rapid response to their customer's orders and they are considering the feasibility of updating their current computer system. As a mater of policy Electron PH have no outstanding orders. If parts cannot be delivered when ordered, the order/part order is cancelled and customers must reorder at a later date. Their ordering procedure is as follows:
Customers place orders by post/telephone/fax/mail. The orders are checked on receipt for the correct name, address and customer's order number. This is carried out using a VDU which queries the customer file to find the Customer's Number. If the order is from new customer, their name and address is added to the customer file and a new customer's number is allocated .As the items ordered are given over the telephone or read from the customer's order form, the stock file is queried to ascertain whether the correct amount of stock is available. If it is, then the item's part number and description are automatically entered into the order shown on the VDU, and the order is then accepted and the invoice is printed together with a delivery note. When the invoice is printed, the system automatically makes an entry in the sales ledger file under the customer's number. As there is only one invoice per order ,due to the "no partial order"policy,the invoice number is the same as the order number. The delivery note then sent to the Despatch Department where the goods are picked and packed and the delivery notes are part of a multpart invoice set. The invoice is sent to the customer by mail.(15marks)

8. (a) Using the narrative in question 7 (b)
(i) Create a Logical Data Structure (LDS)/Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for Electron PH.(7marks)
(ii) List the attributes for the entities in 8(a) (i). (iv) Show the attributes by underlining them.(10marks)
(c) Various techniques are available to systems analysts to enable them collect information about an existing manual systems. Describe the changes in the approach used if the system was already computerized.(3marks)

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